Chipmunk by Zoologist

Chipmunk 2021

10.09.2021 - 04:48 PM

Nutty, woody, spicy blend---well-blended, interesting, yet comforting

The most recent release from Zoologist is Chipmunk, fittingly a nut-heavy composition that has woody, fruity, and slightly spicy/animalic accords, as well, fostering the habitat and diet of the rodent subject, looking sharply uniformed in the house’s signature artwork. It instantly feels pretty harmonious, with balance among the hazelnut and spices, most importantly, with just the touches of fruit (quince), and a sort of oaky feeling throughout, and I’m impressed at how restrained it is but that it involves some bold, interesting touches. It definitely has a very blended effect, without many of the individual spices and other notes being all that distinguishable, the hazelnut being the main standout, but relatively subtle when compared to, say, a note like coconut that would usually announce itself more loudly.

Overall, though, Chipmunk is among the more understated offerings from the house, even with its wealth of interesting notes, yet it performs pretty well and feels niche and somehow off the beaten path, even though its main elements are familiar and comforting.

Chipmunk is priced at the standard $165 for 60ml in extrait concentration and is sold by great boutiques like Perfumology, which sells samples, as well as the house site, which also sells a 10ml travel spray for $45.

I’m quite impressed with this recent release. Congrats to Victor Wong and his team for another lovely addition to the house. I might have to nab a bottle.

8 out of 10

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