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Dragonfly 2021

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27.06.2021 - 07:12 PM
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The climate at the pond has changed

With reduced humidity and more sunshine in its luggage, this dragonfly flight is less dancing and dreamy. The reinterpretation of Dragonfly puts the focus more intensively on the pond ecosystem and thus shows more of the green vegetation side. A puristic sea of ​​aquatic plants where dragonflies rest in the sun on plant stalks and leaves. As a more concise link, the dry rice note has remained, which subliminally still diffuses elements of seductive powder. However, the fog has cleared as if it never existed. The sweet aroma has also disappeared and took the fairytale-like aura with it. What remains is a fragrance that works much more realistically with the dragonfly's habitat, but in return has lost the convertibility that I found so appealing. The basic idea is still implemented authentically. The scent is once again appealing and well done, light and delicate. However, it has lost part of its projection power. I no longer feel any humid vibrations or see a multifaceted metamorphosis. We already observe the imago in a phase of rest. This dragonfly is more adult. It is just as easily accessible, but does not have the same playful charm as its lilac-colored counterpart.
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