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Squid is a new perfume by Zoologist for women and men and was released in 2019. The scent is aquatic-spicy. Projection and longevity are above-average. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesPink pepper, Salicylate, Frankincense
Heart Notes Heart NotesSalty notes, Opoponax, Black ink
Base Notes Base NotesAmbergris, Benzoin, Musk



8.1 (50 Ratings)


8.5 (46 Ratings)


8.0 (46 Ratings)


9.3 (50 Ratings)
Submitted by Franfan20, last update on 24.02.2020.
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Very helpful Review    20
Squ.i.i.i.d - 3 times Ihh-(Gitt)?
Yes, to be honest that was my first encounter with the squid.
The first test is cautious in the wild (you know it), because the scents of Zoologist are not squeamish:
Eww - what is this stuff! An ink-salt faecal note? Neh can't!
Ihh - smelling directly at the atomizer - no chance!
Ihh - directly on the skin in the morning (yes I was brave)

After that I thought, no, he's not for me!
But now the really magic comes at Squid - he really gets better and better hour after hour on the skin.
No, no head note dazzler. A drydown grower!
If I had to name scents he would remind me of I would call the following:

Aqua Sextius
Armani Bleu Tourquise

But, the Squid is the only one of the three combo with a real unique selling point - an ink note - hence the reference to the Squid!
I'd say the Squid is one of the most portable Zoologist fragrances.
He remains salty through and through, but not intrusively salty.
All the more he comes into the base seems an incense/vanilla? Note through, but always remaining in the background combined with the Spicy Aquatic.
Just great, contrary to the assumption nothing that annoys, enier of the most beautiful aquatics (difficult topic with me) that I know.
If you want to get a taste of Zoologist, here is a "pleasing" beginner who is super portable for "Zoologist-relationships".
Happy Squidding! ;-)
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8.0 7.0 9.0 8.0/10

58 Reviews
The ten-armed bandit
Squid concentrates the diversity of the color blue, from the bright light blue to the dark ultramarine blue. With the first spray the sea is approaching. A dive into the bottomless depths of the ocean. The salty aroma of fresh sea air is already evident before reaching the coast. Volatile clouds of smoke pass through the sea breeze while you put on your scuba gear and prepare for the jump into the water. The sound of the waves suggests an uneasy tension on the water surface. Bubbling sea spray surrounds the body as it dives into the sea. Almost silently, it drifts around in the mysterious world, not knowing that already some tentacles are stretched out, reaching for it.

The fragrance combines marine elements with a spicy sweetness that makes it seem deep and unfathomable. It smells of sea air, sea water and wet sand. I see clear, blue water in all its shades of color. The fragrance fits figuratively to both moderate and cold climate on the beach. The sweetness makes it pleasing and attractive. By day, the sea is flooded with light and at night it lies under a mystical veil. Only then, they do venture to the surface, the squids. The oceanic smell of Squid bubbles prominently, resembling other representatives of this fragrance family. For this fragrance, it was very clever not to take the most obvious choice, the sperm whale itself, but his meal, the squid, without which there would be no ambergris. It was also clever to disguise the sweetness as squid ink. A diffuse black color, ink blots in the sea that dissolve as quickly as they have formed. An almost disturbing atmosphere between a melancholic whale song and the futile death fight of the squid. Seemingly endless, like the sea.
9.0 8.0 9.0 7.5/10

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Helpful Review    5
The sea monster
A disgusting smelling monster appeared after spraying on. The smell was indefinable to me, embedded with a sweet pepper and salt note. After some time the fragrance had unfolded and it became finer, something animal-like that bathed in the water was clearly smelly. Accompanied by a smoky vanilla note one has then also something green in the water before eyes. The perfume then actually looks like a sea breeze, which, however, will undoubtedly not be wearable by everyone, due to the monstrous prelude. I especially liked the fact that there was nothing citric about it. The end smelled of salt water and lasted for a long time.
10.0 9.0 9.0 10.0/10

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Greatly helpful Review    21
Let go of the Kraken!
Actually - and by that I mean almost always - aquatic scents are absolutely not my thing.
One has one's peculiarities and tastes (everyone should and is allowed to), but aquatic scents, sports scents and citric scents belong to the things I don't like and for which I haven't been able to get enthusiastic. The whole thing is reinforced even more unfavourably by the fact that the "fresh" ones, often accompanied by citric notes, are often stuffed into aquatic scents in an oversized way.
I guess that's my problem, too. Let's just call it a problem. Aquatics are usually too (deliberately) fresh for me. Also to a large extent (exceptions also confirm here the rule) to "equal". Maybe even too adapted. As I said, all my purely subjective opinion - no bad language, no insulting of those who like the kind of scent! I'm sure my scent preferences aren't necessarily those of others either.
Maybe I only know a certain kind of auquatic scent. But maybe it is simply the expectation or the desire for a certain kind of scent, which could not be fulfilled for me when testing such scents up to now simply.

When Oud Minérale was announced at the time, I had been hoping for an aquatic fragrance for a long time that might please me. However there was father's wish of thought and Oud Minérale I felt only a rudimentary good tendency with far too little statement - as I had already said in my comment (or statement) at that time: I had hoped for a dark storm on dark waters - the result for me is rather a lukewarm breeze...
When Squid was announced, I was very excited (as admittedly with every new zoologist), but also very skeptical. On the other hand, it was also clear to me that zoologist will probably not launch any (exaggeratedly formulated:) 08/15 aquatics. And there's probably no breeze either. My fear regarding Squid was rather that he overtaxed me or in the worst case seemed "fishy". Not to be confused with Of course rather unlikely but as an avowed zoologist collector one is already a bit forewarned and if I take e.g. Hyrax as an example, then my fear does not seem so unjustified any more...

To anticipate this: 08/15 is not squid, a lukewarm breeze is certainly not. And of course not fishy... In my personal and limited spectrum of perception I would not describe the fragrance as aquatic - even if it is one.
And since I could just as easily have written a blog entry with this introduction and I also notice how I get (too) rampant, we now simply jump to THE question:
How does Squid?
After spraying, Squid lets go of the octopus without hesitation!
From the depths of a sea covered with Christmas smoke.
The water turns black-blue as the octopus rises and the sea, the waves and the wind tears apart. An ear-splitting roar, the water piles up in its blackness, only to smooth itself seconds later as the monstrous yet graceful creature disappears again into the black of the depths.
And the incense-covered sea.
And a beacon, like a will-o'-the-wisp in the dark of night.

As already announced with extreme pregnancy: Squid is a deep dark scent. And a very mystical one. And an exceedingly graceful one.
He smells like the sea. Not after summer, sun, Caribbean sea. But like the sea, from which in fantasy films the octopus rises up and pulls the ship and its crew with it. A rough dark sea. A sea that is still completely raw nature(violence) and whose numerous creatures we do not even know all.
On and in the salty waves of Squid, bitter incense wafts and also plays one of the main roles in the entire course of fragrance. Opoponax hides some myrry sweetness in it, which skilfully covers the scratchiness of the incense, but at no moment Squid has anything sweet. Not even the benzoin, which in its vanilla-like sweetness, if at all, gets through all the way to the back from time to time. It may also be the mixture of benzoin and opoponax... Squid remains dark and tart.
However, especially in the later course - so to speak after the octopus has submerged - musk and above all ambergris make sure that the animation is not neglected either. The ambergris is pleasantly warm and also provides for a slight change of character of the fragrance up to the paradox (for my nose for a while) of seeing and smelling the salty herbaceousness and rawness paired with cuddling animalism. I even imagine myself being able to detect a touch of ink from time to time (at least what I would think).

In this case I cannot write a real summary, just a BE description. For this I consider Squid to be (in the absence of a better word) "own". Or maybe complex.
He, too, lives from his own perception and from the images and associations that he is supposed to trigger and skillfully triggers.

I can only list the keywords again for those who are already dizzy from reading a lot or for those who have "skipped":
- salty, bitter, smoky, warm animalic
- strong in character, mystic-sacral, dark and graceful
- Seawater meets incense and amber on almost invisible myrrh

I strongly suspect that Squid will polarize because he's too dark and animalistic for an aquatic on the one hand and not the upgrade version of Megamare that some might hope for on the other hand.
Personally, I'm glad about both. Squid could in popularity with me even overtake the previously unbeaten Tryanno...
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