Thé Glacé - Aqua Parfum 2016

Thé Glacé - Aqua Parfum by By Terry
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Thé Glacé - Aqua Parfum is a popular perfume by By Terry for women and men and was released in 2016. The scent is fresh-citrusy. The production was apparently discontinued.
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Lemon vervain, Grapefruit, Almond, White blossoms, Lavender, Black tea, Camphor, Maté, Moss, Musk



8.1 (30 Ratings)


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Submitted by Michael, last update on 24.12.2019.

Interesting Facts

The scent is additionally exclusively available in Russia with a golden cap.
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Very helpful Review    4  
Drink the scent and spray your tea... uh the other way around, of course! :D
Hello, people of Parfumo! Welcome to a new comment from me. And although I present a rather summery scent in this cold season, this scent is still something special, because it... tadaaaaa,... has been a great tea scent for a while now.

Those of you who know me know that I like tea scents very much. And that I also like tea very much. So don't let it irritate you that I have a huge cup of coffee standing here while writing, but it was just time for another coffee :D
I also drink it into one of my favourite coffee cups, a huge Halloween pumpkin cup! I should take a picture of it... but maybe you can see the cup on the photos in my upcoming christmas blog, well let's see :)

But let's get back to the scent. The inspiration for this fragrance came from teas from Mauritius, the island state in the Indian Ocean. It is supposed to convey a summery, beautiful freshness, even if it should only last for a moment, similar to the thirst-quenching properties of drinks such as tea, which you can and should drink well in summer (warm, not boiling), since you not only take in a lot of liquid, but also do not sweat as much as if you were drinking something cold.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the scent, because... well, it's tea! :)

The fragrance:
Oooooh! I smell right at the beginning a great, bitter tea mix of black tea and green tea (but it's probably the mate that I smell), in addition there's a slightly weak lemon verbena, which goes very well with the tea notes. Grapefruit also goes very well as a citric scent with these tea notes, making the scent more summery and, by the way, more clearly smelling than lemon verbena.
The camphor, which some seem not to be able to smell, is already clearly present for me here. In any case, I can smell its slightly medicinal-tart scent, even if it remains more in the background and can best only be smelled by sniffing at the sprayed spot. It may be that he appears now and then in the scent cloud, but he is not so strong for me, which is good, because camphor is a rather habitual scent (at least in my opinion). A little later a gentle sweetness appears, probably from the musk, which smells pleasantly and makes the scent even more beautiful.
Later the camphor gets even weaker, so that the scent of the tea gets a bit more bitter. The great thing about it is that the scent is very authentic, almost as if you put your (hopefully NOT running!! :D) nose into a tea tin to smell the bitter scent of the dried tea leaves. In the base, lavender is easy to guess because of its flowery, tart flavour, but I certainly wouldn't have guessed it immediately if I hadn't seen it in the list.... That's it, actually, so that the scent gradually fades away after a not so long time.

The Sillage and the shelf life:
Oh yes, as expected the Sillage is quite small. Initially perhaps still slightly sparkling because of the grapefruit, the fragrance will very soon lose its intensity and will only be fragrant at close range, but when generously applied to clothing, a nice fragrance will always rise from time to time for a while. This also applies to the shelf life. I found that he disappeared on the skin quite quickly after a few hours. On the clothes, on the other hand, you can gain a few hours, but that applies to all fragrances anyway.

The bottle:
The bottle is rectangular and high. The lid is also rectangular, but has strongly rounded sides and a slightly inflated surface. The label shows beautiful yellow-green line patterns, which make the bottle look even more beautiful. The edge of the label, the small box with the fragrance name and the lid are usually chrome-plated, but in Russia they are gold-plated. All in all a very nice bottle.

So that was Thé Glacé. And I liked him very much! So good he'll be on my list of good tea scents. It smells very authentic and for tea lovers therefore also very tasty, so that one could quite come on the stupid thought to try the smell. Which of course is not recommendable, because the taste of every fragrance is really miserable terrible... and better don't ask me why I know that :DD

The fragrance is a great refreshment in summer and ensures that you can smell pleasant even at the highest temperatures without crushing the environment. As the by-name "Aqua" probably already suggests, it is rather weak and short-lived, which is no different with comparable fragrances, such as Jade Leaf Tea by Jo Malone.

In any case, this scent is very recommendable for all who like tea and not afraid of the medical camphor, because I find that it has faded away after spraying (of course, scent perceptions are subjective, but nevertheless...).

Well, go make some tea. And eat cookies, if you've already made some. After Halloween I'm slowly getting ready for the Christmassy anticipation where cookies are baked in cat shapes and you drink a lot of tea (but also coffee) :)
And remember this scent for the summer, it might be worth it!

Have a nice evening and see you next time,
Your beloved DonJuanDeCat :D

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