Ruby N Vanilla Intense by EBK

Ruby N Vanilla Intense

27.08.2022 - 03:25 PM

Candy for grown-ups

I recently received a sample of this perfume, it seems very interesting to me, even more so because it is extremely persistent and already on the third day it smells on my jacket, getting better and better. First, the fruity notes come to the fore, but when it calms down, the bourbon vanilla comes to the fore. It is not one of the comfortable fragrances that I wear primarily for my own pleasure, but one that attracts attention.
I wore it when I wore a velvet retro dress, the perfect combination of fabric texture and fragrance. All in all, it's not my favorite type of fragrance, but it's very interesting and good quality, people around me also liked it, I would definitely find opportunities to use at least 10 ml decant I just bought
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DamaBiancaDamaBianca 3 months ago
I'm not joking, when going outside during summer, I make sure to wear it. I's strong and poweful lavander at the basis, rounded up my vanilla which makes it appropriate for any occasion. I sometimes wear it to the+ office, with...
DamaBiancaDamaBianca 3 months ago
"Do you smell apple strudel?" - was a question from my acquaintance while working on a project together. I had it for a short time and it couldn't go unnoticed, this comment is the funniest comment on a perfume I've ever heard (I didn't...