11.05.2018 - 05:37 PM

The Man sitting on the Cliff

I'm not fully on board with those reviewers who liken FCUK Friction with A&F Fierce. I own both, yet I don't get too many similarities between the two of them. Although they could be placed into the same cluster or family, and share the same vibe, yet they are no substitute for one another. A&F Fierce makes me think of a man walking in the forest after a rain, whereas FCUK Friction is more of a men sitting on the Cliff at dawn. Indeed, I see FCUK Friction more similar to CK Eternity.

The overall impression of the scent is aquatic, aromatic, musky but cool. The primary scent notes I get in the opening are sea water, which is pleasant and soothing and smelling like the coast, lavender in all its aromatic strength, and cardamon with all its minty, balsamic, and fresh spicy facets. The overall opening is decorated with a tad of zesty mandarin orange, which does not make this a citrus scent, yet add some light and bright to it.

About half an hour later the scent gets a more greenish character, the herbal geranium leaves and the boozy rum add their power to the composition. Regrettably, the most intriguing note that I do not detect, no matter how hard I chase its growth, is the coconut or black coconut, at least not in a clear and distinctive way like in a tropical drink, for instance. But that could be my bad, other people could certainly smell it.

The perfume conclusively finishes with the steady leadership of musk, here present in its animal and seductive shape, diluted with bittersweet amber, a gentle yet manly touch of patchouli leaves, and delicate leather, not the harsh smell of boots and saddles, rather the refined smell of suede jacket.

FCUK Friction is both a springtime and a summertime scent that holds up well during the heat of the day. The scent hugs closely to the body and possesses moderate longevity, so it can be worn safely at work, I bet no one will complain. Very appealing. I bought it at discount price, and it is worth so much more than I paid. I love this one and it gets me a lot of compliments.

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