Modern Heritage by Gissah / قصة

Modern Heritage

15.09.2021 - 05:34 PM

Very classy, well done fresh-spicy amber-woody scent.

I first came across this house and fragrance early in 2021 when I received a sample with a purchase from the Middle East. Having never heard of the house before, I did some searching but found little information other than its based in Kuwait and this is part of their luxury line.

Upon trying Modern Heritage, it was instant love. It had some facets that were reminiscent of Frederick Malle's The Moon, but wasn't quite as dense or heavy as that scent. In particular, the zesty black pepper combined with the raspberry note gives it perhaps a more balanced opening vs The Moon whereas that particular fragrance can lean syrupy sweet at times with the inclusion of lychee.

There's also the use of geranium in Modern Heritage which, as many might know, can give a bit of a rose-ish note with some minty freshness. Of course there's some oud here as in the Moon as well, but let's be clear: while this is in the same vein as the Malle offering, it is its own fragrance and is a much easier one to wear at that. As much as I love The Moon, it's got a spot for those rare and special occasions where this is much more versatile and therefore easier to reach for.

As for presentation, the packaging is first rate with a magnetic box (though faux wood) with black velvety interior. The bottle is heavy and artfully done and the cap is magnetic. The fragrance itself appears to be 77% alcohol by volume and strikes a good balance between longevity and projection (where often times higher concentrated essential oils where closer to the skin.) I believe this is marketed as an eau de parfum and fits accordingly into the category, projecting nicely off the skin and giving a nice sillage.

All-in-all, this is an absolutely wonderful fragrance that deserves more attention than it's getting. I have tried one other from the house, Odyssey, and found it to be another high-quality scent but perhaps not quite as attention-grabbing as this particular one. Nevertheless, Modern Heritage is certainly worth seeking out a sample for.
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