Mandragore by Goutal

Mandragore 2005

04.11.2021 - 10:20 PM

Strange Root

A weird root that smells like a weird fruit, woody and over ripe at the same time, Mandragore is like a hollowed out Halloween pumpkin, tough on the outside but
rotting in the middle. A rooty-orange bitter and woody fruit, it’s a bizarre hybrid; one that fascinates - even if it doesn’t seduce.

Mandragore is mandrake, beloved of necromancers - who would make an effigy of the human shaped tuber before cursing it - and their victim - with black magic.

It’s also the first of three works by Isabelle Doyen which run along the same lines. I guess she liked it so much she did a purple version, and then Nuit Etoilée which is an inverted version of Mandragore Pourpre.

All of this would come as a surprise to those who know Annick Goutal for their
feminine florals. Mandragore is something else for the house - and something else in general.

It isn’t a date perfume, and it’s not office safe. I hate to say it but it’s a Halloween scent, ideal for scary masks and all the rest of the plastic crap that has taken over the festival of Samhain and turned it into an orgy of frivolous consumption, in the same way that the Left have turned the traditional spring celebration of May Day into the earnest
parades of Labour Day.

So next November Eve, if you really want to give your friends a scare, douse yourself in Mandragore and tell them a good old fashioned ghost story.

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