Bohemian Absinthe 2019

Bohemian Absinthe by Les Sœurs de Noé
Bottle Design Pierre Dinand
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Bohemian Absinthe is a perfume by Les Sœurs de Noé for women and men and was released in 2019. The scent is woody-citrusy. It is still available to purchase. Pronunciation
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Submitted by AmyAmy, last update on 15.09.2022.
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Bohemian villages
Kumquat travels, with the eucalyptus,
In a beautiful Bohemian bus.

The notes remain incomprehensible to us,
No matter how deep we plumb them.

Even Eucal. (which only the fragrance because
smelled along) is at a loss for advice.

But just this makes us pale as silt.
There no blow in the neck helps.

And he writes in his weekly chronicle:
Another experience, without electronics!

(Very loosely based on "The Bohemian Village" by Christian Morgenstern.)

Even though a certain online sales portal always translates "bohemian" as "Bohemian," that translation is antiquated at best. In the 19th century, the French thought that the French Roma had come from Bohemia in the 15th century. Their lifestyle was romanticized as unconventional and free. Therefore, while bohemian is Bohemian, Bohemians would certainly be surprised to be thought of as unconventional, freedom-loving, French Roma.

At this point, familial tester M pointed out to me that there really was Bohemian absinthe, though. Absinthe from Bohemia, that is. Shoot, and I was just getting into the swing of things. I've never had Bohemian Absinthe, so I can't say if it smells like Bohemian Absinthe. Bohemian Absinthe differs from traditional absinthe in that there is no anise in it. Bohemian Absinthe doesn't cloud up when you add water, so it's not really worth diluting, and according to Wikipedia, many Czechs don't dilute their Bohemian Absinthe at all. This explains why Bohemian Absinthe smells so strong that it stinks up the whole room... er smells. I don't want to drink Bohemian Absinthe at all, because the smell of Bohemian Absinthe already gives me a headache.

I thought to myself that the Sisters of Noé website could probably enlighten me as to the meaning of this scent and lo and behold, it represents the rapture of the 19th century French over La Bohème ('Bohemia'). So forget what I said about Bohemian absinthe and remember the romantic, unconventional, freedom-loving, 15th century French Roma. That's what it smells like.

I would not want to wear Bohemian Absinthe in any season of the year. The sillage is very unconventional and freedom-loving. You can wear this if you've traveled to the 15th century in a time machine and don't want to stand out among Bohemians or French Roma there. Or if you want to stay teetotal during a binge of Bohemian absinthe. One smells then, as if one had been heavily intoxicated with the drink. You can't see it on the glass, supposedly. Cheers then.
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