Bloody Wood - Eau Sanguine (2013)

Bloody Wood - Eau Sanguine by Liquides Imaginaires
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Bloody Wood - Eau Sanguine is a popular perfume by Liquides Imaginaires for women and men and was released in 2013. The scent is fruity-woody. It is still in production.

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Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesRose oxide, Violet, White wine
Heart Notes Heart NotesRaspberry, Cherry, Red wine
Base Notes Base NotesOaken barrel, Woody notes, Sandalwood



7.6 (99 Ratings)


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7.7 (84 Ratings)
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Perfumes, just like people, must be careful with what they promise to raise expectations they might not be able to deliver. By bloody wood color you already expect something intense and passionate and its description confirms it: inspired on a kind of wine, from what i researched, very classic, the Cru Bourgeois family of wines, Bloody Wood was made to be a 'fragrance that extols intellectual and sensual passions'. Maybe it extols intellectual, since you need some brain exercise to try to find something exciting or really sensual on Bloody Wood. It's a very neat composition that doesn't match its color or description codes but it's one that at least makes sense, from what i could find, from the notes on wine it is inspired.Bloody woody has a profile that at the base note end has a woody dry aroma, something for me between cedar, dry sandal and cypress. At the top end, it has fruity intense profile, fruits that doesn't sound sweet, but green and with some acidity on their smell. Between them, it shows in some moments something a little bit floral and powdery that it's a pretty link. But all this very neaty, well behaved, a fragrance that starts quite interesting and that in less than one hour looses almost its entire energy. To me, what it lacks it's exactly emotion and sensuality.
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49 Reviews
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BLOODY WOOD - EAU SANGUINE by Les Liquides Imaginaires
I recently sampled one perfume from the Trilogy Les Eaux Sanguines series by Les Liquides Imaginaires called Bloody Wood. When sampling a new perfume, I usually play a game with myself and I try to visualize the perfume’s scent based on its given name. I presumed many ghastly possibilities for Bloody Wood, but was pleasantly surprised by this perfume’s more heavenly inspiration, a gift from the gods. Take heed — never judge a book by its cover. This collection of perfumes is designed around a trio of wines; pink Champagne, grand cru Burgundy and a handsome Port. Did someone say, wine? Yes, please.

Bloody Wood opens with a relatively metallic accord, which is at odds with the softer floral notes. This accord has a smidgen of green. It’s slightly fruity, and unquestionably powdery with a sweet edge. These delicate characteristics are then slowly simmered with the dregs from a lovely grand cru Burgundy, adding a distinctive bitterness. This bitterness is a curious complement to the metallic accord. The imaginary and thought-provoking opening definitely caught my attention. Bloody Wood was dark, mysterious and ambiguous, in a déjà vu kind of way. The heart of Bloody Wood brings a bit more delectable sweetness and a fragment of warmth. There are luscious cherries and mouth-watering raspberries, all washed down with a boozy red wine with a fruity bouquet. Even with the presence of a strong dark fruit accord, the florals still lingered in the background beautifully. It certainly seems that we’ve embraced the bloody portion of this perfume profile, so what about the wood?

The bones of Bloody Wood exhibit many variations of woods. We have a damp and musty oaken barrel, giving the perfume a more earthly, naturalistic connection. This wood is rough, helping balance the metallic bitterness experienced in the opening and temper the ample sweet heart. The other wood present is sandalwood. In sharp contrast, sandalwood transports the wood notes from rustic to aromatic, and then finally to meditative. The concept of Bloody Wood would be nothing more than an empty dank barrel without the participation of a multi-dimensional wood accord. The dry-down of Bloody Wood is warm and comforting. Many of the fruity components gracefully age to a more resinous, candied quality with a side note of a nice red wine.

Bloody Wood is by far my favorite perfume between Les Eaux Sanguines and Les Eaux Delà series. All offerings appeal to a variety of sensibilities and are equally as impassioned as Bloody Wood. If you have never experienced Les Liquides Imaginaires perfumes, they are definitely worthy of a closer look. Their concepts are interesting and intelligent, retrospective and captivating. There seems to be a great deal of time invested in the background story to their perfumes. Les Liquides Imaginaires is brilliant at snagging a moment in time and seizing it into a graceful bottle.


Itchynose 50 days ago
A jammy rose soaked in wine; sweet, woody and slightly metallic, smooth but somehow screeching.

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