Tapis Volant - Eau de L'Est by Liquides Imaginaires

Tapis Volant - Eau de L'Est 2019

28.10.2020 - 08:00 PM

No Aladdin, flying solo on the tapis volant ...

If you bought this expecting an oriental perfume right out of Arabian nights you’d be disappointed. This is a flying carpet without Aladdin or his Genie! The perfume is airy, light and sublime! I am glad I received this as a freebie with a purchase, I’ve been obsessed with the scent since October 2019. I cannot distinguish the individual notes, all I smell is this beautiful creamy floral soapy iris mingling with Jasmin which wraps me like a scent scarf. It’s different from anything I smelled before and if I believed in signature scents then this is totally signature scent worthy.
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