Par Amour pour Lui (2019)

Par Amour pour Lui by Lucien Ferrero
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Par Amour pour Lui is a new perfume by Lucien Ferrero for men and was released in 2019. The scent is leathery-resinous. The longevity is above-average. It is still in production.

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Lucien Ferrero

Fragrance Notes

Top Notes Top NotesCoriander, French tarragon, Cistus, Bergamot, Provençal lavender
Heart Notes Heart NotesSpanish leather, Tobacco absolute, Patchouli, Styrax, Carnation leaf, Hay absolute
Base Notes Base NotesSandalwood, White musk, Labdanum absolute, Tonka bean absolute, Haitian vetiver



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Greatly helpful Review    19
In one word: classic!
If you are interested in 'Par Amour pour Lui', you should be particularly receptive to three fragrances: leathery, aromatic tobacco and strawy hay.
These three main actors dominate the fragrance throughout its course. However, not everyone enters the olfactory stage at the same time, but gradually. First the fragrance opens with a very concise, spicy leather accord, without any citrus freshness, only underlaid with a bit of bitter bergamot: 'Tabac Blond', 'Knize Ten' and 'Cabochard' greet!

I haven't smelled such a distinctive dark leather opening in a long time - great! But you should already have a weakness for these old leather stretches, because this leather is really solid, accentuated with Styrax and aromatic spice (tarragon!). No fine suede leather, no beige suede and certainly no synthetic imitation leather, no, thick, tanned cowhide leather, and that's full.

Behind this furious leather opening, the other two dominants will soon emerge. Together they intonate a rich and long-lasting triad, which is wonderfully harmonic and yet does not end in an indefinable mush of sound. Aromatic tobacco, with light honey accents remains just as recognizable as the brittle dryness of the hay changing between grassy and woody nuances, together with the leathery-cracky spice of the prelude.
The latter then runs out of breath after a good while, so that the tobacco/hay heart comes to rest on a milder, semi-oriental basis of fine sandalwood, resinous labdanum and discreet creamy Tonka sweetness.
A trace of Castoreum prolongs the leathery reverberation until the fragrance ends and gives it a subtle erotic-animalic aura. But, do not worry, this quiet animalism requires a certain intimacy with the wearer of the fragrance and unfolds its eroticism alone in the closest proximity.

When I sprayed 'Par Amour pour Lui' on for the first time I was immediately thrilled: the famous wow effect. But at the same time I thought to myself: I know that! And after some sniffing back and forth it occurred to me: 'Or Black' by Pascal Morabito, in the old version. Par Amour pour Lui' is a kind of homage to this masterpiece by Jean-Louis Szieuzac, which has a great reputation, but unfortunately hardly any distribution. The homage, however, ends in a similar opening, the spicy leather chord, while in the following the fragrances develop quite differently - 'Or Black' rather in the direction of an aromatic Fougères, 'Par Amour pour Lui' on the other hand in the direction of an oriental leather fragrance, following the already mentioned 'Knize Ten' and 'Cabochard'.

These references to the great leather classics therefore make Lucien Ferrero's fragrance more of a neo-classical work, similar to the creations of Vero Kern, or more recently those of Antonio Gardoni, such as 'Maai' or 'Mem'. They all make use of the arsenal of the classic fragrance spectrum, avoiding all the fashionable variations - from Calone, Cashmeran, Ambroxan and Co. no trace.
A fragrance like Quentin Bisch's 'B683' for Marc-Antoine Barrois, on the other hand, looks very modern, very modern, 'Par Amour pour Lui' in comparison almost yesterday. Both distinctive, spicy leather fragrances, one launched in 2016 and the other in 2019, seem to be decades in between. Here: youthful, casual, fashion-conscious charm, with a slight hipster tendency, there: classic elegance and distinction.
I think this old-school touch, or better: retro charm, is great, but I can imagine that it might disappoint some people a little.
I can already see the objections: old-fashioned, 80s Vibe, for the set man from 50 and similar more.
Yes, all right, and again not.
Par Amour pour Lui' is a stylish and elegant men's fragrance, which I would place alongside Patricia Nicolaï's 'New York' in terms of appearance and habitus. Both combine a great refinement in composition (one literally smells the care with which the individual notes were calibrated!) and a rather formal chic, while intimate details only open up in the arms of the wearer.
And yes, 'Par Amour pour Lui' is really an adult fragrance. Whether the adult man is 30, 40, 50 or older doesn't matter, only to young men, let alone to boys, I can't imagine him. A certain maturity and elegance it underlines, however, auf´s Beste!

By the way, Lucien Ferrero has already created a fragrance with similar properties: 'Itasca' for Lubin. A fragrance of similar format, but completely different, rather green-woody theme, while 'Par Amour pour Lui' clearly smells brownish through leather, tobacco and hay.

Also the so-called Sillage corresponds rather to that of a classical gentleman smell: strongly in the prelude, but only briefly room-filling, afterwards over a very long time not over a arm length going out, in order to end in an expressed sinnlichen skin smell in the evening.
Although the fragrance develops a persistent presence close to the wearer, it avoids the ego-shooter penetrance so typical of many modern fragrances thanks to its lack of sweetness and stylish synthetics.

Can it also be worn by women? Yes, sure, provided the potential wearer has a penchant for dry, spicy woody leather scents with masculine DNA.
As I said, 'Cabochard' isn't miles away.

The design of the bottle and the quite voluminous box is also beautiful: classically simple elegance. Not a trace of mannered playfulness or even screwed exaltedness - entirely according to the content.

If I were to characterize this fragrance with just one word, and I have already used it often enough, it could only be one: classic!
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Carlitos01 59 days ago
Woody & balsamic, suggesting fougére, tobacco leaf, hay, expensive leather, and with some added sweetness. It recalls Or Black by Morabito.+3

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