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Luigi Fusaro

11.10.2021 - 04:00 PM
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Brazilian Grilled Pineapple

I often observe that men's clothing stores offer one or more fragrances with their brand. See, for example Gutteridge, Dan John, and Doppelgänger. And it is right in front of Luigi Fusaro's windows in Corso Buenos Aires in Milan that I stopped, attracted by a couple of perfumes with an exquisite matte black bottle. Intrigued, I entered the shop and asked if I could try them. I liked them immediately, both of them. Accarézzame is instantly more citrusy, while this is fruity, sweet, inviting. I opted to buy this one and promised myself that I would get the other one as well. If there's one word to describe this scent, it's magnificent. It is that nice.

Luigi Fusaro includes fruity and smoky accords. A fruit cocktail is an aroma that greets me as soon as the scent meets my skin. It is a sweet, warm mix of freshly cut apples covered with a noticeably fresh ripe, very ripe pineapple juice. Luckily, a more tart aroma from some bergamot and a little bit from black currant balances the sweetness. It is a very fresh opening that oozes maleness, something you'd like to smell on a male. The fragrance has a very smooth and creamy sweetness balanced by the tartness from the citrus notes, with pineapple, which is felt predominantly.

In the heart of this cologne, it follows the smoky and woody birch note. I detect a thick note creeping in. The combination of fresh, top notes with woody heart notes is excellent and gives it the smell that makes everyone go wild, at least me. The leathery and sharp birch combo, dirty patchouli, and aromatic juniper produce an alluring scent, fumy and well-rounded. Birch is more smoky than leathery, and I would say, a kind of velvety suede. While exotic pineapple tones down a bit, though it is still perceivable in the background. The birch tar smoothly caresses the initial fruity blast. I particularly like this smoky note for its unusual character in modern compositions, especially when transposed to the background of pineapple. I experienced an aroma close to the Brazilian grilled pineapple without the spicy cinnamon.

The more the fragrance stays on you, the more it gets musky and slightly gourmand. Luigi Fusaro ends with a pleasant vanilla note that perfectly polishes the scent. I notably like the vanilla accord that emerges towards the bottom. The creamy sweetness of vanilla gives an excellent balance to mossy and smoky facets. The burned notes persist all the way and are flanked on stage by an oakmoss accord that gives more earthiness to the composition.

Right off the bat, I did not peer Luigi Fusaro with Aventus Eau de Parfum initially. However, the more it progresses toward the final stage, the more it shares similar vibes. Yet, to me, Luigi Fusaro is a lot more fruity and more suited to fall days. It stays with me for a long time. Several hours, a few sprays are all I will need. It is because it's an EDP, so less is more. The fruity notes are delicious, and I love a solid musk base, so I like this scent, and I can argue that it veers a lot in the universe of masculine accords. Even if the superfine noses will find the synthetic fragrance, it is a significant result, especially for the price that is around €20.

I base the review on a 100ml bottle I have owned since October 2021.

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