Néroli Oranger by Matière Première

Néroli Oranger 2019

03.07.2021 - 03:56 PM
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That one uplifting friend that will never let you go

Love fresh summer scents, but bored of Neroli Portofino and your Aqua di Parmas? Here's your next perfume for life!

In short: simply a-ma-zing creamy fresh and dry neroli that lasts unexpectedly long on skin. To some it might lean too much toward fabric softener, to others this is pure summer bliss. Personally, I couldn't keep my nose off the damned thing.

When I was younger, we had this TV commercial for a laundry detergent where a helicopter pulled out a gigantic blindingly white sheet of cotton fabric from a massive washing machine in the middle of the sun-kissed Swiss Alps mountains. This is exactly how I think that commercial should smell. The neroli flowers are so natural and bright here that it reminds me walking through the gardens of Moroccan or Turkish fortress gardens in spring, when all the orange trees are in full bloom. If that doesn't make you happy, I don't know what will.

Néroli Oranger says hello with a tiny dab of citrus notes, without them getting dominant. Then a lot, and I mean a lot(!) of the most natural creamy, bright and fresh neroli I've ever smelled, on a bed of subdued dry chalky undertones to hold it all together. Some jasmin-like notes will peep through after a little while, and it will receive a smidge of floral musky funk once the fragrance dies down. It's like happy cuddles in a bottle.

On the whole though, it's a very linear fragrance. Which is a good thing, trust me! It's no complex beast, but that actually makes it more elegant. The freshness holds up throughout the day and 8 hours later there's still neroli in the air. Even in the morning I could still smell it on my skin almost unchanged, which is quite unique for my dryer skin type that normally soaks up perfumes like a sponge. It sticks to you like one of those water proof band-aids.

the sillage is way more pronounced than most cologne-like scents and seems to pierce the air with determination, without becoming obtrusive. It's more of a gentle but confident caress and takes an impressive amount of time before returning to a life much closer to the skin. Especially for a fragrance this light.

I've tested this for a while now, and am I going to buy this? Yes! Should you? yes!!
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