Black Metallic Rose No 40: Oakmoss and Forest Florals 2020

Black Metallic Rose / No 40: Oakmoss and Forest Florals by Meleg Perfumes
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Black Metallic Rose is a perfume by Meleg Perfumes for women and men and was released in 2020. The scent is floral-chypre. It is still available to purchase. Pronunciation
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Perfumer & Creative Guidance

Matthew Meleg (Brand owner, Perfume maker)

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AldehydesAldehydes BergamotBergamot RosewoodRosewood Clary sage absoluteClary sage absolute MintMint Ylang-ylangYlang-ylang Carnation absoluteCarnation absolute Rose ottoRose otto Star aniseStar anise CloveClove Vanilla absoluteVanilla absolute Oakmoss absoluteOakmoss absolute VetiverVetiver BenzoinBenzoin Orris rootOrris root PatchouliPatchouli LeatherLeather Jasmine absoluteJasmine absolute PetitgrainPetitgrain LabdanumLabdanum AmbergrisAmbergris



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You had me at "Non-IFRA compliant!"
Mr. Meleg describes this best on his own product page. Rather than try to come up with a partial explanation that falls short of this perfume's glory, I'd like to share his thoughts and vision directly:

"Because it (No 40) is so thick and so rich and complex it is something like an Indian Attar. It takes effort on the part of the wearer to unravel it`s complexity and mystery. Because there are so many natural balsams and resins in this perfume, filtering Oakmoss & Forest Florals takes me nearly an entire day!

I had a fantasy landscape in mind when crafting my "Oakmoss & Forest Florals, No 40"

I see a large pacific northwest rainforest. Like the one I live next to. Stanley Park.
Think if the forests of Oregon, of Washington and British Columbia, Canada.
A very dark, wet and foggy rainforest with giant evergreens cedars and redwoods.

The forest smells of mosses and cedar. There are hills and mountains along the horizon, mist and fog everywhere and not too far off you can smell the ocean. You can smell the salt water, the cold wet rocks and the seaweed.

Looking down, the floor is dark and covered with mushrooms, ferns and moss is everywhere! Everywhere!
Every surface is wet, the rocks are wet, the ground is moist and the air is cold - super clean and fresh and it`s foggy. The sky is dark, and what light that does get through if filtered through the trees. Dark yellow and green.

And in this misty place, there is of all things, an abandoned citrus orchard.
The farmer died years ago, his kids never took it over. 50 years of neglect, the lemon trees hanging on for dear life.

The orchard is flooded in dark brackish waters. Cold mineral waters turned black from all of the rotting leaves. The air bright and fresh with lemon as they blow in the cool ocean wind. You can smell the fruit, you can smell jasmine vines and a wild rose bush not too far off either!

This is exactly what my Oakmoss & Forest Florals smells like. It is woody, and it is very much dark oak moss. It is also very earthy and salty and nearly aquatic. Damp. At the same time this dark salty earth accord blends SO WELL with the bright citrus notes. Think about salted lemon ice tea. Refreshing and bright. Roses and jasmine appears as my Oakmoss & Forest Florals dries down."

This natural chypre is a proud addition to my collection and of the 3 perfumes from this house that I've worn, I would say this is so far my personal favourite.

Keep sniffing!
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