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Interesting Facts

The origins of the French brand "Memo Paris" probably go back to Aliénor Massenet's Hungarian grandfather, who experimented as a chemist and awakened in Massenet a curiosity for scents and aromas. As a schoolchild, her greatest pleasure was guessing the different perfumes around her. After studying art and psychology, she initially gained practical experience at brands such as L'Oréal, Firmenich, Florasinth, and IFF. Then, when she met Clara Molloy rather by chance in 2007, the two founded their brand "Memo Paris".

The fragrance world of "Memo Paris" is often described by insiders and customers as a journey to the most beautiful places in the world. The aromas in the fragrance sprays, perfumes, and scented candles are intended to create a sensual connection between adventure, playfulness, travel fever, and festivity. That's also why all of the brand's fragrances are named after a place on Earth. The fragrances themselves are divided into categories such as fruity, floral, woody, oriental, leathery, or even sugary. In addition, the perfumes of "Memo Paris" carry a very wide range of fragrances, ranging from A for eaglewood to Z for lemon.

The search for beauty in life and the world is also reflected in the bottles of "Memo Paris". Almost all the bottles are of simple elegance, symbolizing the focus on the essentials. And the colors gold and black emphasize the noble character of the fragrances.
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