08.08.2022 - 05:31 PM

Agreeable aquatic, fresh but with a little edge

Naviglio is the last sample of my Milano Fragranze sample set, a soapy aquatic that mixes a bit of dirty seawater with a clean cologne concept, involving citruses, lavender, petitgrain, vetiver, and cedar. It’s immediately very interesting and an easy-to-wear marine scent that nevertheless is interesting, particularly in how it balances the clean vs. dirty aspect, generally the great challenge of marine scents, making them realistic have some of the “dirty” aspects of seawater while at the same time being a palatable, refreshing fragrance.

Naviglio achieves this very well and becomes one of reliable favorites, like Imaginary Authors Every Storm a Serenade (which leans dirtier, with its prominent calone note), Nautica Oceans (which is cleaner, more of a saltier freshwater vibe), Tom Ford Costa Azzurra (comparably dirty, but saltier/sharper, with driftwood and seaweed), and Dua Flagship (which is sweeter/muskier), though I’m sure I’m leaving out others. Naviglio is a nice option among these, fairly easy to wear relative to some aquatics while still having its own vibe.

Naviglio, like the rest of the Milano Fragranze line, is priced at $135 for 100ml, which I maintain is pretty outstanding in the current market, and certainly more accessible than the Masque Milano line, which has similar bottle prices as the 35ml size. Milano Fragranze is sold at boutiques like Perfumology, where I bought my sample set.

It’s been really fun working through the sample set of eight, and I look forward to trying to the newer releases as well.

8 out of 10
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