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When French businessman René Ramillon founded "Moncler" in 1952, his main goal was to sell products for outdoor, camping, hiking, and climbing. The designs and creation of the label came from André Vincent, a ski instructor friend who quickly realized the need for materials that were an outdoors necessity, especially in ski resorts. Thus, he would go on to produce the renowned down jacket.

The emerging ski tourism in the French-Italian Alps ensured increasing sales figures for "Moncler". In addition, the label's articles were used for expeditions. However, the most important creation was in 1954, when the company introduced down jackets. Their warming properties quickly led to sweaters, gloves, and similar items, all of which were tested by a professional mountaineer. Since then, Moncler down jackets could be sold in all ski resorts, mountain climbs, winter Olympics, and places featuring cold weather.

So for "Moncler", success is based on function first. In the 1980s, when lifestyle became more important, the brand continued to develop its models without sacrificing functionality. The jackets became lighter, got new designs and additional applications. In 1999, the label finally presented its first sportswear collection.

Moncler regularly modernizes the down jackets and expands its collections, all while prioritizing the environment's needs.
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