A*Men / Angel Men by Mugler

A*Men Angel Men 1996

25.10.2017 - 02:48 AM

I Want To Love It, but Cannot

Angel Men, A*Men, call it what you want, it is good. I originally loved it. Then sadly I found out the Emperor is naked. What I mean is that A*Men has so many similar scents that do it better than A*Men. A*Men is very much a scent that a lot of gourmand copied in some way. Michael Jordan Legend, Cuba Paris Cuba Prestige (Gold), Ralph Lauren Polo Red, Rocawear Evolution, Davidoff The Brillant Game, Salvatore Ferragamo Uomo, Valentino Uomo, Reyane Tradition Wild II, Animale Animale for Men, and a long list of other scents offer what A*Men does in some way. I own all of them so it makes my A*Men kind of redundant. The bottle sucks unless you just get the glass. The rubber "flask" is hard to spray unless you modify it. Also as the more I use it, I find it abrasive. Not with the infamous tar accord like many, but it just comes off super balsamic to me. Rocawear Evolution I find balsamic, but not to this level.

That said, I would say of you are looking for something unique, Amen is just that. Amen is a mix of many different gourmand so it may get you compliments at parties or dates during cooler months, about October/November through April. It's still a powerhouse and lasts at least 10 hours on your skin without showering.

That said it isn't for me and I love sweets scents honestly. Animale Animale for Men is a less gourmand A*Men, Cuba Prestige is a less abrasive A*Men, Tradition Wild II while a near perfect clone of a flanker is very capable in most situations you can use A*Men, Polo Red is less cloying and intimate, Ferragamo Uomo is more welcoming, MJ Legend is very work friendly. You get the point.

I think this is a good purchase if you don't have similar scents to it. It has the unique factor, it has the performance factor, but for me it is too much. And don't get me wrong, I do really like aspects of A*Men

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