Alien Liqueur de Parfum - Création 2013 by Mugler

Alien Liqueur de Parfum - Création 2013 2013

11.10.2013 - 10:44 AM
Very helpful Review

Nice top and middle notes, not so fond of the base notes

I am so glad I got my hands on this!! It's not really out yet in the US but I'm wearing it today (got the hookup! ;)) I have the previous Alien Liqueur de Parfum version, and I can tell you this one is definitely different. It's still a little boozy but a totally different vibe. Honestly I felt there were so many stages to this perfume that I was just perplexed the entire time. I can't recall another perfume that seemed to morph as frequently as often as this one. At first I loved the boozy, classic Alien vibe right off the bat. There was no mistaking it as Alien. After a few minutes, as the middle notes emerged, I got a distinct cherry almond pastry vibe that I was REALLY digging and made me consider a full bottle. But a couple hours later the scent had a very cold, almost medicinal quality to it, reminiscent of Thierry Mugler's Miroir de Secrets. As I sniffed my arms in those last few hours, the only thing I kept thinking was baby powder, baby powder, and more baby powder. It was bizarre, as I don't get that from any other Alien. I thought, no, I must be mistaken. But sure enough, I kept sniffing on and off for a couple hours and there it was, baby powder. A disappointing end to what had started off as a delightful olfactory journey. Unfortunate since I would never consider purchasing a fragrance with unappealing base notes. I thought I liked this more than the previous Liqueur version, but now after wearing it for over 9 hours (it's barely hanging in there, but I can still smell it) I think I like the previous version better.

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