Alien Man by Mugler

Alien Man 2018

15.07.2019 - 05:18 PM

Third Time Is The Charm

I had to try Alien Man three times before I decided I wanted to have it in my collection.
Three tests determined that I would continue a relationship with this smoky, slightly dark and moderately spicy stranger.
Disregarding the negative criticism of others was quite helpful too, once I realized most if not all of the criticism came from a place of personal expectations.
Unlike so many of the haters, I had no expectations of what Alien Man would or should be, so I was not at all disappointed. Rather I was more excited that men were finally getting another Mugler!
And here he is, this Alien man.
He is quietly unusual and didn't make a definite impression on the first meeting. The second time we met he opened up a little more, but there was still some trepidation and hesitation. The third time, he let his guard down and his (subdued) freak flag flew!
Is it coincidence there was a magnificent thunder storm that night?
I will reach for him when it's gloomy and cool, and any evening or night time occasion where the same old thing just won't do.
He is most welcome in my life.

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