La Rose Angel by Mugler

La Rose Angel 2006

27.02.2015 - 09:41 AM

Angels refined cousin....

I had the chance to purchase this lovely fragrance, and bought it blind. The notes sounded so inviting, I just had to try it! I am so glad I did! This is really a fabulous fragrance. I have had Angel in the past, and found it OK..not one of my real favorites, just, I wondered what Angel would smell like, with a twist. The opening is a blast of green bergamot, almost like the green stems of the roses had been crushed together with the bergamot. I was worried this note would remain throughout, and was momentarily disappointed. But no, after a few minutes the note settled into a lovely soft rose, combined with a nice juicy plum. This is not a fruity plum, but a sort of soft anchor for the Rose. After awhile , I could pick up on the Angel vibe, but this was not the shout in your face Angel. This is the refined cousin, who has been to Private Schools, and has elocution lessons. She has beautiful manners, and knows when to appear, and always comes across like a lady. The longevity is very good, and sillage as well. The dry down is just beautiful! Not too sweet, but the caramel and chocolate/patch is there. I have already worn this several times, and each time I enjoy it more. Presentation is lovely, the bottle, box, velvet all goes with the concept. Yes, I am impressed with this lovely little lady. The elegant, and refined cousin of Angel....

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