Aura (Eau de Parfum Sensuelle) by Mugler

Aura 2019 Eau de Parfum Sensuelle

01.05.2019 - 06:23 PM
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Different twins

This one is the typical case of a flanker totally different from the original.
If Aura is "greenish", sour, "wild" and very difficult to wear (In fact, I hate it) , Aura eau sensuelle is its "different twin": sensual, warm, flowery with spicy touches, round and very feminine, a true pleasure for your nose and for your skin. Firts of all, you are involved by the almost "buttery" and creamy gardenia notes, then you perceive the musky touch, giving a certain deepness to the scent, and finally a light but very particular cinnamon accent.
the sillage is good but discrete at the same time, you can wear this scent by day as well as by night in every season. The precious multifaceted bottle is similar to the classic Aura's one, only the coulor is different: a pale green very refined. The price is high, but don't miss this pearl if you're searching a refined arm of seduction!

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