Miroir Miroir - Miroir des Majestés by Mugler

Miroir Miroir - Miroir des Majestés 2012

27.04.2020 - 06:01 PM

days of the future past

Thierry Mugler has left a permanent mark in both,the couture and the perfume industry. Idiosyncratically sumptuous aesthetics, bitch-fatale attitude, eye catching fashion narrative. The same boldness in their backbone, with elements of elegance, opulence and campiness are omnipresent in his mygler circle fragrance universe.
Almost all his perfumes are ultra successful in sales and the way they influenced pop culture/ fragrance world upon their release and specifically because of this , they have created a mass appealing effect which i find reductive...
In 2008, the Miroir-Miroir collection was introduced as a second attempt of a more artistic, aimed towards clients maybe of a more acquired taste profile.4 years later Moiroir des Majestes made its debut. The kitch/ plasticie mirror-oid box fells like a bad joke...Then the bottle is the exact opposite with it's vectoral design, its Guerlainesque calligraphy containing a dark ambery liquid.
This is a perfume of great importance to the house. First of all, it doesn't fill like a Mugler creation. It is more elevated than everything I've tested from the entire Mugler universe, thous far.I ve been wearing this almost all week, everyday and I ve know it since I started using it, which is 2020, 12 years after its release.
It has a very harsh, but bearable and i have to admit very likable opening.It is also a bit disorientating because of a very pronounced retro vibe it exudes, grabbing and throwing you back in time...like a tamed younger sister of the Elizabeth Taylor's perfume collection...During the first 5 minutes i get a tremendous dose of labdanum (the amber accord from the base) that quickly rests into the back.Then the next couple of hours an indolic a tango between the prominent bright orange blossom and the supporting green jasmine is all that happens, but it is so privately narcotic. Then it all turns into amber, a resinous myrrh like amber.
It is a lovely, long lasting with medium sillage. A show-stopper for the wearer, an intimate show that is not intended for an audience....
I cannot forget to mention that in the beginning it conjured diabolical fractions of La Couche du Diable SL
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