The Rose by Musicology

The Rose 2020

25.07.2022 - 08:11 PM

Big fan of this rose

I'm not that into rose scents, however, I thought the combination with raspberry, vanilla and wood intriguing and so I decided to try this rose.

The rose is unmistakably there, sometimes rose can be somewhat bitter on my skin, but the combination with raspberry, vanilla and wood softens all that. These different notes transform it into a sweet and "creamy" whole. This is a combination I like. What a wonderful combination! And that is the story about how I suddenly became a fan of "the rose".
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GrammyGrammy 6 months ago
This fragrance is tropical, "full" and creamy. I like this vanilla, supplemented with beautiful, yellow flowers. I imagine myself being in Tahiti for a magnificent holiday. I've smelled vanilla many times and most of the time I just don't want...
GrammyGrammy 6 months ago
Bought this fragrance as a gift for my daughter. And of course I had to smell it for myself... I can smell the raspberry, the pear and the coconut immediately. I actually like it a lot, but I'm clearly not the target audience for this fragrance....