Revelries by Pineward

Revelries 2021

25.10.2021 - 05:17 PM

Sweet and spicy cidery blend

Sampling Pineward Perfumes Revelries, a sweet and spicy blend that pivots away from pine/fir/spruce and leans rather toward Apple Tabac in that it’s quite sweet and more gourmand-leaning, Apple Tabac being the most unlike the others I’ve tried from Pineward so far. Revelries brings notes of raisin, rum, clove, and cinnamon to the forefront with the vaguely apple-ish vibe throughout, though leaning far more on the other four notes. It has the effected of a mulled cider with a mix of dried and stewed fruits, opening a bit spicier, especially with the clove, but giving way to the apple/raisan blend. I prefer the dry down, overall, as the spiciness might overshadow the sweetness at times in the opening.

Revelries isn’t my favorite of the line but it might be among the most unique that I’ve tried so far, and perhaps the opening just takes a little getting used to. Nonetheless, it’s dense, rich, and has a nice transition from the spicy opening to sweeter dry down, very seasonally appropriate for the cooler weather, a common trait of the line.

The pricing for Revelries is the same as the rest of the line, at $135/80 for 37/17ml, so not inexpensive by any means but still appropriate for the level of craft.

7 out of 10

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