02.09.2021 - 03:20 PM

Very good inspired expression--fresh and woody

Everest is Dua’s expression inspired by Creed Himalaya, an (in my opinion) undercelebrated freshie from the house of many freshies. With other great impressions of Creed fragrances, it took until 2018 for Everest to come out, but it was worth it, with the core concept of the grapefruit / sandalwood blend being nailed down. As with other Dua inspired expressions of fresh or semi-fresh fragrance, the Dua is more robust in the long haul but ever so slightly less bright / fresh in the opening, but the overall result is something very similar and, for the most part, more affordable. I’m happy to have this in the arsenal, and I’d recommend that others check it out as well as Vert Gentilhomme (inspired by Green Irish Tweed), Caribbean Waters (inspired by Virgin Island Water), and Water of Arabia (inspired by Silver Mountain Water).

7 out of 10

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