28.09.2022 - 06:06 AM

I Am Confusion

I have Game Time from Alexandria Fragrances, Casino Elixir, and Casino Elixir 2.0. Casino Elixir was the first one with this DNA I purchased. Love it! My only gripes are the strong alcohol opening (only lasts a few seconds though) and the atomizer, which sprays a bit wider and mistier than I'd like (also an older bottle so the metallic-colored coating is wearing out). Edit: I think all or most Dua fragrances have that initial alcohol blast.

I bought Game Time as a lover of AF, curious of their take. It's more subdued/subtle...not as sweet and juicy as CE, but it is more refined and overall 'higher quality'. I slightly prefer CE but its more expensive and only sold in 30ml unless you can get a special edition bottle.

CE 2.0 I bought because CE didn't seem to last very long on my skin and it's ranked higher here. Well, I'm here to tell's my least favorite of the three. There's this stank on it I do not care for. Also noticed it in Pour Homme (By Man clone) and Drowning in Zest. I keep hoping it will go away. It isn't as pronounced after 20 minutes or so but still lingers. Its as if CE 2.0 tries to mimic GT but with less oakmoss in the drydown and more black currant (?). Still serviceable but I prefer the other 2 more. Maybe it will get better over time.
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