Forum Rules

Please use the search function before posting a question in order to determine if you query has previously been addressed. This practice will save time and ensure that the forum is free from duplicative threads.

Start new topics

Always choose the forum which best suits your topic's content. Please refrain from posting the same topic in multiple forums. Multiple threads on the same subject will be deleted. Discussions or questions that don't concern perfume belong in the Off Topic forum.

Topic title

Use a meaningful title for new topics. For instance, "Am I too young for Chanel No.5?" is a much better choice than "I have a question..."

Replying to topics

Please reply only if you actually have something to contribute to the topic. "For example, "+1" is not a meaningful comment. Chat and conversation unrelated to perfume should be restricted to the Off Topic forum.

Stay on topic

All discussions should always refer to the original topic. If new topics arise, they should be the subject of a separate thread.


In order to ensure that the forum is user-friendly, please use quotations sparingly and avoid large gaps of space between sentences and/or paragraphs. In addition, do not insert images that are unduly large.

If you would like to add information to a sales offer, edit your original text and add the information there.

In the following cases, you are allowed to reply to your own thread in the trading area: Price Changes, Adding Perfumes/Bottles

Smileys / emojis

Please use them sparingly in order to avoid annoying other members.