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LioncourtLioncourt 9 hours ago
Tropic of Capricorn - Olympic Orchids Artisan Perfumes

Tropic of Capricorn Salted tuberose with honey
It's probably going to surprise a lot of people what I'm going to say I think, but I do it without having read any of the notes: To me it smells like amber and musky tuberose, with a touch of sea saltiness and I'd say a hint of Hiram Green...

Landshark321Landshark321 16 hours ago
El Goodo - Happyland Studio

El Goodo Boozy, grapey delight, quite unique and special
Happyland El Goodo is a 2020 release that dropped around the beginning of the pandemic, and it’s been sort of a comfort fragrance ever since as its blend is boozy and grapey (with a featured note of brandy) but smells...

SmellGoodGuySmellGoodGuy 16 hours ago
Elements of Man - Strength - Ermenegildo Zegna

Elements of Man - Strength One of the BEST and most UNIQUE and OPULENT tobacco fragrances that I've EVER smelled!
This is deep, rich, moist, and fruity. Like that of an expensive cigar shop. The oud in this only lends to the depth of richness of the tobacco, as if making it 3D. To me, it's...

RobvalvarezRobvalvarez 17 hours ago
Pineapple Vintage Intense The One - Parfums Vintage

Pineapple Vintage Intense The One Simply Amazing
This fragrance has become my go-to daily frag and for good reason. I have been an Aventus fan boy for quite some time now however current batches for Creed are just not doing it for me. I find the longevity and projection are just unacceptable at the price...

Ka3nKa3n 22 hours ago
Kingston Osmanthus - Eric Buterbaugh Florals

Kingston Osmanthus olfactory bliss
If you are a fan of osmanthus in it's purest form, this is a must try. I have discovered the entire EB collection in Paris and later in NYC and ever since I could not stop loving it. One thing for sure the entire line is done impeccably with the touch...

Ka3nKa3n 23 hours ago
Casamorati - Bouquet Ideale - XerJoff

Casamorati - Bouquet Ideale divine and delicious
After finishing endless samples and decants of it, I finally made a purchase and can't be more happy I did. Sophisticated, very easy to wear fragrance with dominant tobacco-cinnamon-vanilla gourmand accords mingling into little sweet cloud of happiness...

PepdalPepdal 1 day ago
My Most Meaningful Relationships - Filigree & Shadow

My Most Meaningful Relationships A most meaningful perfume
Trying to shed more light on this Seattle-based one person show. One of the more poignant perfumes that is in my current rotation. Thank you as always for watching and I hope you enjoy my review of My Most Meaningful Relationships

ChicoRoch1ChicoRoch1 1 day ago
L'Homme - Prada

L'Homme Nice powder fresh
Very good scent with a great drydown. Prada scores a knockout with this one. Great longevity and the heart takes over after an hour or so and then that beautiful drydown. I can still smell it on my wrist 10hrs later. Very satisfying and the iris...

StaticStatic 1 day ago
Le Lion de Chanel - Chanel

Le Lion de Chanel Big surprise here
Resinous à la Grand Soir MFK-comforting fragrance. Instantly fell in love with! It opens with citrus but soon it becomes an ambre scent with that typical Chanel vibe. Very well done & absolutely well blended. The citrus stays on the background...

LioncourtLioncourt 1 day ago
Psychédelique - Jovoy

Psychédelique Jewel too little recognized as such
It is a fragrance that is based on the patchouli very well reinforced with amber and a certain sweetness that the musk surely gives it, in addition to a vanilla that comes out some time later. I cannot isolate citrus fruits but they...

1 - 10 of 24956