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ScentFan 36 minutes ago
Scent 9.0

MEM by Bogue

MEMBefore the Rolls
Before the Rolls comes to take you to a charity luncheon at the museum, before the maid takes out your clothes, scan the few elegant fragrances in your personal collection and your eye may fall on the Bogues. You own Gardelia, Maai and the unexpected...

Philosophic 8 hours ago
Scent 9.5

3121 by Prince

3121Real unisex fragrance
This perfume had probably the worst reviews at whole on-line perfume shop, but I just ordered it, because people are sometimes so wrong and judging. Now I have two bottles and want package with body milk, because fragrance doesn´t last enought....

Bcars10 8 hours ago
Scent 9.0

Le Parfum Rose Couture by Elie Saab

Le Parfum Rose CoutureBright, summery rose
I picked up a sample of this yesterday because I loved it in store. Francis Kurkdjian really does a nice job with roses, and Rose Couture is no exception. The rose does not beat you over the head because it's intertwined with peony and some...

Philosophic 9 hours ago
Scent 9.5

John Galliano (Eau de Parfum) by John Galliano

John Galliano (Eau de Parfum)I expected something different...but I got burned up garden
This was a good blind buy. After reading some rewievs on net I expected something sweet and gourmand, but I get oriental smoke with some roses and other flowers. It remins me a Rosarium by Angela Ciampagna....

Philosophic 9 hours ago
Scent 6.5

Vanilla Fun by Omerta

Vanilla FunGourmand vanilla, really sweeet
I tested this one so many times, but it is probably too sweet and synthetic for me. But sometimes I feel other ingredients than vanilla and coconut, and it´s so pleasant for a while . So I wish if there was a miniature of it, big bottle...

Philosophic 10 hours ago
Scent 7.5

Desirable Pure Flirt by Omerta

Desirable Pure FlirtMore wearable than original
This one is inspired by DKNY Be Delicious, which is one of those scents loved and hatered by many. I just hate it, but the Omerta´s version is a little different, less agresive, and I almost love this one. So if you have problem with...

Philosophic 10 hours ago
Scent 10.0

Desirable Sexy Night by Omerta

Desirable Sexy NightI like this one, but longevity could be better
I have tested all four Omerta´s "christmas tree decorations perfumes", but this one was the best for me. It should be like "Be Delicious Night by DKNY", and I supose that "Desirable Sexy Night"...

MasterLi 17 hours ago
Scent 8.0

La Fumée Arabie by Miller Harris

La Fumée ArabieLa Fumee with a twist...
This is a really great incense fragrance. Like La Fumee before this, it is an labdanum and incense combination which is a winner. The fragrance itself is dry and full of depth. The cardamom and dry cedar, coriander and other "dry"...

Bigsly 2 days ago

Swiss Army Rock by Victorinox

Swiss Army RockPleasant but with a strange composition.
This isn't a "blob" composition, as the notes are just heavily blended and smooth (rather than harsh, as in the blob). It's also quite weak. If you think you are going to smell a clear note of this or that, I think...

Gtabasso 3 days ago
Scent 10.0

Orchid by Perfumes Polynesia

Orchiddivine soapy floral aldehyde
I have this in parfum and cologne. The cologne is stronger than most extraits. It is lovely strong beautiful soapy floral that projects in a cloud even with a small amount at cologne strength.

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