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Mimara 3 minutes ago
Scent 9.0

Nero Donna by Acqua di Baviera

Nero Donna Translated automatically
Broadening of horizons
The young Munich perfume house "Acqua di Baviera", founded in 2016, has made it its mission to celebrate the Bavarian-Italian bond and to unite the Italian attitude to life with Bavarian tradition. I must admit that if the generous FRAgrANTIC...

Flaconesse 38 minutes ago

Simply Pink by Pink Sugar

Simply Pink Translated automatically
Attack of the killer Maoam
The apartment is somewhat tidy and vacuumed, everything on my todo list feels pointless, so what do you do on such a busy Sunday? Right: Test perfume. And the mood's about to rise, I guess. I'll try a half-blind test, so: 1. Pull sample...

MatthewHong 49 minutes ago
Scent 10.0

Blue Seduction for Men (Eau de Toilette) by Antonio Banderas

Blue Seduction for Men (Eau de Toilette) I glad I found this amazing fragrance!
Guys. Don't let its price fool you! This is the one we all looking for on summer days or even at hot nights: cheap price, amazing scent, great performance and projection. If you like Versace Pour Homme and Versace Fraiche (or Dylan...

StellaDiverF 62 minutes ago
Scent 5.5

Louis by The Zoo

Louis Sports Cologne with a Gentle Cumin Touch
The opening of Louis on me, is quite reminiscent of a lot of commercial men's sports cologne, the kind of assertively fresh aquatic and vaguely metallic citrus-y note not unlike that of dihydromyrcenol. I'm not much of a fan of this...

Turandot 5 hours ago
Scent 7.5

L'Heure de Nuit by Guerlain

L'Heure de Nuit Translated automatically
Weighed and light felt.
Since Elie Saab poured a whole barrel of orange blossom concentrate over our heads with "Le Parfum", I have been at war with this note. This is also the reason why I can't really get warm with L'Heure de Nuit, if Thierry Wasser is also more...

Eriele 5 hours ago
Scent 10.0

miss fenjal Acqua di Baden Baden by Fenjal

miss fenjal Acqua di Baden Baden Translated automatically
Great summer scent
In search of a scent that can be worn in the shade even at +40 degrees I was stalking for a very long time. The latest water from Kölle fell through and I quit my friendship with Uncle Yves descendants after decades. All set with X In May on holiday...

Demi 7 hours ago

Jo by Jo Loves...

Jo Jo a summer fragrance ?
This perfume is fresh and light. In the top you smell a lot of grapefruit, when it lays down you can smell then the rest of the day a fresh soft perfume. Perfect for the summer. I have to test it in the winter how it smells then.

Spektrum 7 hours ago
Scent 8.5

Héliotrope Blanc (Eau de Toilette) by L.T. Piver

Héliotrope Blanc (Eau de Toilette) Translated automatically
Heliotrope blossoms on musk bed
After spraying on, one immediately recognizes the bitter almond, then something like an aqueous extract of almonds or almond milk and something slightly bitter appears to me. This makes this fragrance interesting and authentic. Quite...

Drakecito 8 hours ago
Scent 2.0

Club de Nuit Intense Man by Armaf

Club de Nuit Intense Man Cheap and unrefined clon of Aventus.
Well, a new clone / plagiarism of Aventus, of those who do not try to hide and smelled a million times. Open with very sharp citrus, yes, for my nose, closer to lemon than pineapple. This prevails throughout the life of the fragrance,...

Rezzig 8 hours ago

Flamme (1976) (Parfum) by Bourjois

Flamme (1976) (Parfum) demande sur un parfum
bonjour j ai découvert le parfum flamme de bourgeois en 1980 a l étranger je l ai porte pendant plusieurs années et aujourd’hui je vis en France et j aimerais me le procurer c est un parfum qui m a marque et que j adore je n arrive pas a le retrouve...

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