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MarcelM1706MarcelM1706 1 minutes ago
Elephant - Zoologist

Elephant Translated
The great longing for the elephant
Zoologist is in my eyes one of those modern perfume brands with a lot of potential. A nice idea, modern high-quality flacons and great fragrance descriptions simply make you want to buy this brand. Even my girlfriend, who usually...

Mischa99Mischa99 15 minutes ago
The Ritual of Jing - Rituals

The Ritual of Jing Translated
The best cuddly scent
"The Ritual of Jing" is the first fragrance I've had a hard time grasping so far. After several tests here my conclusion. The main ingredients are apparently lavender and sandalwood, it takes a few minutes for the perfume to unfold. There...

MarisMaris 39 minutes ago
The Calling - Phuong Dang

The Calling Translated
Very sweet without being edible
Very sweet without being edible. You can guess the spices, but it looks like it's hidden under syrup or resin or poured over it. I don't see any cinnamon. It reminds me of sweet pipe tobacco; sometimes it seems so strangely wet, although...

ElysiumElysium 49 minutes ago
Collezione Privata - Cuoio - Pal Zileri

Collezione Privata - Cuoio The Secret Door To Hell
For starters, many reviewers claim that this is a duplicate of Tom Ford Tuscan Leather, an excellent clone that is virtually identical. Since I can’t afford TF Tuscan Leather, or rather I don’t want to afford it, I can’t comment on their...

DespacitaDespacita 58 minutes ago
Believe - Britney Spears

Believe Translated
My aunt...
...had this one smell. One like no other. For over a decade. I never knew what it was until today. Exactly, until today, because when I put on this scent I smelled... right, my aunt! Is she wearing Britney Spears when she's 60? Who knows... One thing...

DonJuanDeCatDonJuanDeCat 1 hour ago
Red Tobacco - Mancera

Red Tobacco Translated
Tobacco does not mean cigarette smoke!
Hello again, snoops. Here I am again and like every time at the beginning I think about whether I should mess with you perfumas again or not. On the other hand, the fragrance is unisex and not a pure women's fragrance, so it could...

ManogiManogi 1 hour ago
Oud Palao - Diptyque

Oud Palao Translated
Quite nice
Oud Palao is an average oud perfume. I've already come to terms with the fact that obviously no perfume puts my beloved Laotian oud in the limelight like pure oils do. They're all too tamed for that. Like Oud Palao. Unlike some people, I don't smell anything...

MantusMantus 2 hours ago
Le Mâle Le Parfum - Jean Paul Gaultier

Le Mâle Le Parfum Translated
Elegant attracting turnout
The first thing you can perceive is a beautiful intense and thoroughly strong, warming, sweetish and creamy note, which is accompanied by very sensitive soft appearing spicy speckles and which gives me the image of an exclusive body lotion,...

ChizzaChizza 2 hours ago
Cuir de Russie (Eau de Toilette) - L.T. Piver

Cuir de Russie (Eau de Toilette) Translated
Cuir de Russie Light
The brand L.T. Piver says it has been active for about 250 years and produces inexpensive but popular fragrances in its own factory. I myself was always curious about the Cuir de Russie, where I suspected a product of a Knize Ten, a Bel Ami and the like....

SMKBSMKB 2 hours ago
Un Jardin sur le Toit - Hermès

Un Jardin sur le Toit Translated
Big old love that I can't really get away from
My almost exclusive (fragrance) companion from the beginning to the end of thirty. When I discovered him in 2011, I was today one would say shocked in love, he was something completely new for me, unbelievably good...

1 - 10 of 22349