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Gtabasso 9 hours ago
Scent 10.0

Orchid by Perfumes Polynesia

Orchiddivine soapy floral aldehyde
I have this in parfum and cologne. The cologne is stronger than most extraits. It is lovely strong beautiful soapy floral that projects in a cloud even with a small amount at cologne strength.

Gtabasso 24 hours ago

English Violet / English Violets by Floris

English Violet / English Violetsthis is not your candied or powdery violet
This goes on with violet in the top, and it's there in the base but in the middle notes you get a huge dose of oakmoss, which I usually hate. But, in this fragrance it deepens and richens it. I also smell some patch and/or...

Rmf1112 2 days ago
Scent 8.5

Aqva pour Homme Atlantiqve by Bvlgari

Aqva pour Homme AtlantiqveLemony Ambrox Aquatic
I think this one gets a bad rap because it has similarities to sauvage but doesn't just smell exactly like it. So Imo, the people who hate Sauvage don't like this, and the people who are Sauvage fans dont seem to like it because its not Sauvage....

Oriane 3 days ago
Scent 10.0

Encens Mythique d'Orient by Guerlain

Encens Mythique d'OrientJourney with Encens Mythique
I finally tested the enigmatic Encens Mystique last evening. Never before in my life have I experienced a perfume like this. It was not quite what I expected it would be. It was quite light and wore very close to the skin with only...

Isabelle1 3 days ago
Scent 9.0

C for Women by Clive Christian

C for WomenLove this a lot...
Was wearing it yesterday evening, I love this fragrance more than 1 of CC which i also own, I got so many compliments, for my taste it is divine in the beautiful summer evenings of the French Riviera, at least it is on my skin. When people asked...

Darafayen 4 days ago

Perle de Lys Noir by Isabey

Perle de Lys Noir150+ "Noirs" in the fragrance game - but here you do get what it says on the bottle!
When I first applied the extrait version of the recreation of Isabey’s Lys Noir from 1924 last year, almost instantaneously the image of Helmut Newton’s Bowie-influenced...

Isabelle1 4 days ago
Scent 5.0

Poison Girl (Eau de Parfum) by Dior

Poison Girl (Eau de Parfum)Dessert
I like "crème brûlée" but only to eat.... not to smell like I have just prepared it...Still adore the original poison the most...

DorothyGrace 4 days ago
Scent 6.0

Roberto Cavalli (2012) by Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli (2012)Growing on me.
I tested this from a manufacturer's sample that I picked up around 2015. Overall, I quite like it and had I been given a bottle for a gift I would certainly make my way through it using it as a daytime perfume when venturing out to hospital appointments,...

Oriane 5 days ago
Scent 4.0

Forest Lily by Avon

Forest LilyLily of the Valley Soliflore
Notes: Lily of the Valley, Lilac, Ylang-Ylang, Wisteria, Sandalwood, Clementine. Firstly, I must say that this fragrance comes in one of the cutest bottles I have ever seen. It really has personality plus. Unfortunately, I cannot...

Darafayen 8 days ago
Scent 9.5

Mandarine-mandarin by Serge Lutens

Mandarine-mandarinThe mysterious yin and yang of the ways of an oriental orange dumpling
"To hold the garden’s fragrance in one vase, And see all autumn in a single spray?" Cao Xueqin, Dream of the Red Chamber Mandarine Mandarin is an under the radar, intriguing,...

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