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GirlofNowGirlofNow 7 minutes ago
La Nuit Trésor Dentelle de Roses - Lancôme

La Nuit Trésor Dentelle de Roses Translated
Insider tip from me: The perfect Valentine's Day gift ;))
Some of you have it I think times mitbekommen how much, I wanted to have this fragrance:D But also some of you know that I collect the La Nuit Tresor Flanker and not because of the bottle but because of the fragrance...

PBullFriendPBullFriend 12 minutes ago
La Belle et L'Ocelot (Eau de Parfum) - Salvador Dali

La Belle et L'Ocelot (Eau de Parfum) feminine power!
A dark-spicy womanly scent that roars! A fabulously well-blended soapy-floral-spice scent that smells like it's wearing jewel toned silk. This is Balenciaga Talisman updated to the 21st century and well-suited to a cold winter's night with someone...

ParadiseFragParadiseFrag 24 minutes ago
Coach for Men - Coach

Coach for Men Translated
Better safe than sorry!
First I would like to mention briefly that I bought the Coach For Men in Christmas blind and it once again do not regret what a fantastic fragrance. When you spray on Coach For Men you get directly first a full landing of green rhinoceros...

ParfumqueenParfumqueen 27 minutes ago
London for Women - Burberry

London for Women Translated
Simply wow
Today spontaneously tested in the store and been totally flashed: Since I have grabbed yes directly a great Burberry. The fragrance has thrilled me immediately. He just has something special about him. It has a certain strength and heaviness and very...

DandrobeDandrobe 37 minutes ago
Salvatore Ferragamo pour Homme Oud - Salvatore Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo pour Homme Oud Translated
Fragrance from 30 !!
This scent has a unique blend of components that make it very "grown up". Initially I smell all sorts of spices, leather, minimal tobacco and rum. A very good start in my opinion. After 10-15 minutes or so, tonka and benzoin reveal themselves...

ScentwitchScentwitch 47 minutes ago
Apollo Hyacinth - Eric Buterbaugh Florals

Apollo Hyacinth Pear on top note
I’ve been excited to get my scentbird sample of this particular perfume. They screwed up my January order and were sending me other things so I had to complain. It ended up with the entire order being a total mess. But anyway, I digress. What...

ParfumqueenParfumqueen 49 minutes ago
Trésor L'Eau de Parfum Lumineuse - Lancôme

Trésor L'Eau de Parfum Lumineuse Translated
Fine, then no more, then again
Just sprayed and first thought: oh, that smells not as nice as just when I sniffed the bottle. So first been a little disappointed. The smell had something that bothered me a bit. Now, so after 30 min about he smells but again quite...

DustinrdhDustinrdh 1 hour ago
Eros (Eau de Parfum) - Versace

Eros (Eau de Parfum) Translated
EdT vs. EdP
In direct comparison with the EdT for me clearly inferior. The opening of both fragrances is pretty much identical. The EdT starts a little sweeter whereas the EdP comes along much more citrusy. Already after 2h I perceive the EdP as very very flat....

MysoundMysound 2 hours ago
The One for Men (Eau de Parfum) - Dolce & Gabbana

The One for Men (Eau de Parfum) Translated
D&G - The One - Memories of the Costa Brava
After writing a few statements about my favorite scents, I'm dedicating my first commi to a scent that I associate an emotional story with. Many smells are triggered in my brain with a situation or emotion. This can be the smell...

SerenissimaSerenissima 2 hours ago
1957 - Chanel

1957 Translated
"Keep your heels, head and standards high!"
The "Day of sweatpants" on January 21 has just passed and should we, especially in this, pay more attention to Coco Chanel's saying above. How quickly we sneak through the day at this time with our heads hanging and thinking,...

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