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Maggy4uMaggy4u 2 years ago
Malik Al Taif (Extrait de Parfum) - Areej Le Doré

Malik Al Taif (Extrait de Parfum) Translated
Taif: A Royal Audience
Malik al Taif. When Malik is usually translated as king and ruler in the male form, Areej le Doré speaks bluntly of the queen of Taif roses. In fact, he had only the petals of this rare subspecies in Taif carefully harvested before sunrise...

VilarVilar 2 years ago
Gourmand Leather N° 0059 - Zara

Gourmand Leather N° 0059 Heaven Scent
Tried this out at a Zara in northern Portugal. At first sniff, it was heavenly. Smelled like cream soda with a hint of ginger. Loved it. Bought one of the last remaining bottles on the shelf.

GoldGold 2 years ago
One Man Show (Eau de Toilette) - Jacques Bogart

One Man Show (Eau de Toilette) Translated
Moscow 1992
Of course, I was also interested in his perfume. Not that I consciously noticed one about him when we met. There were completely different things in the foreground. The language, for example, which is completely foreign to me. Or his winning smile. But during...

Basti87Basti87 2 years ago
CK All - Calvin Klein

CK All Translated
You can simply rely on this series
The CK One series, meanwhile a huge collection with many flankers. I just like them because they usually have a very uncomplicated freshness. In my opinion, they are often sold below value when compared to other fresh fragrances...

JustfrankJustfrank 2 years ago
L'Homme Idéal Sport - Guerlain

L'Homme Idéal Sport Translated
Dream in (h)ice(s)blue
Hello, together, this is my first comment on Parfumo and I have a good reason for it, because I have to come out here as an absolute fan of this fragrance, which in my opinion doesn't deserve the mediocre to bad feedback it gets in any way....

Yharnam79Yharnam79 2 years ago
Jasmin Rouge - Tom Ford

Jasmin Rouge Translated
Dirty-beautiful puffiness
I smelled Jasmin Rouge for the first time about 4 years ago. I liked him even then, but I wasn't so convinced that I'd bought him. However, I also had to think of him briefly at regular intervals. Almost 4 years! In retrospect, I have to admit...

MrSmellyMrSmelly 2 years ago
Armaf Niche - Oud - Armaf

Armaf Niche - Oud Translated
His name is Oud - but he's vanilla
If you don't know the alleged scents before, I don't think anyone will notice anything other than vanilla. Okay, in the first 5 minutes there is more than "just" dark vanilla, but then you have vanilla on your skin. If you have...

pudelbonzopudelbonzo 2 years ago
Good Girl (Eau de Parfum) - Carolina Herrera

Good Girl (Eau de Parfum) Translated
Unknown object
Today I discovered from the corner of my eye the legendary High Heel in the shelf, which slowed down my running step immediately. This stiletto oscillates between art and kitsch - which I always find exciting. The haptic is round and plastic fantastic...

DonJuanDeCatDonJuanDeCat 2 years ago
La Fenice pour Femme - The Merchant Of Venice

La Fenice pour Femme Translated
Mandarin cake with almonds from the vase
Today I am once again describing a fragrance from a brand that seems to have been named after one of Shakespeare's more famous works, "The Merchant of Venice". The point is that a successful merchant, Antonio, cannot repay...

Jazzy76Jazzy76 2 years ago
Eau de Iceberg 74 Amber - Iceberg

Eau de Iceberg 74 Amber Autumn leaves
"The falling Leaves drift by the windows..." Everyone could recognize the lyrics of this originally French song by Kosma-Prévert ("Les Feuilles mortes")describing the melancholy of autumn, the most poetic season (to me). Well, exactly this song...

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