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JubliantJubliant 10 years ago
Blue - Ralph Lauren

Blue clean and green
Blue starts as a very floral aquatic scent. The Base notes end with more of an oakmoss. I feel that this fragrance would have been better (and more aquatic) if it had more cedar. Upon first sniff i dont like it, but the more I smell it the more I like...

JubliantJubliant 10 years ago
Hearts & Daggers for Women - Ed Hardy

Hearts & Daggers for Women Too sweet and fake
It does smell like SJP NY and it is not unique at ALL!!! I dont like the candy smells at all, but if I had to choose, this would be my favorite of them. It ends having a strong citrusy scent on me which I like.

JubliantJubliant 10 years ago
Brit for Women (Eau de Parfum) - Burberry

Brit for Women (Eau de Parfum) very sweet but not coying
I like this on my skin a lot better than on the testing strip. On my skin I smell more lime and pear, almost a musk. On the tester I smell way too much vanilla and peony! Similar to Joop! All About Eve.

JubliantJubliant 10 years ago
Michael / Michael Kors (2000) (Eau de Parfum) - Michael Kors

Michael / Michael Kors (2000) (Eau de Parfum) nice woody floral
I do not detect a lot of Musk in this, beginning to end it is a lovely fragrance and a big white woody floral that older people tend to like

JubliantJubliant 10 years ago
Une Folie de Rose - Les Parfums de Rosine

Une Folie de Rose long lasting
The opening was very strong and had a quick die-down to heart notes. The heart notes are pure rose and musk on me. The base notes are a livid oakmoss and patchouli. This has a long lasting power!

JubliantJubliant 10 years ago
Pleasures Bloom - Estēe Lauder

Pleasures Bloom too boring
This fragrance does not scream anything special to me.It smells like someone grabbed one of everything from a florist shop and mushed it all together. I think the peony and vanilla are different, but the heart notes remind me of Marc Jacobs Daisy. The...

JubliantJubliant 10 years ago
Guilty (Eau de Toilette) - Gucci

Guilty (Eau de Toilette) boquet of flowers under a musk blanket
lilac+geranium= ick If you do not like musk, you WILL NOT like this fragrance! I can discern the notes though

JubliantJubliant 10 years ago
L'Eau par Kenzo pour Femme - Kenzo

L'Eau par Kenzo pour Femme Long lasting
The top notes were very "green tea" to me. Interestingly enough the orange smell came out as a middle note which I thought was unusual. The rose is subtle and the vanilla is very present. Interestingly enough this reminds me a lot of Starfruit!!!...

JubliantJubliant 10 years ago
Flower by Kenzo (Eau de Parfum) - Kenzo

Flower by Kenzo (Eau de Parfum) Not full bottle worthy
Wonderful opening of violet and rose. This is a well balanced perfume from beginning to end I could pick out the notes without a problem. The middle notes occasionally smelled tangy to me! This lasts a very long time! The base notes are very...

JubliantJubliant 10 years ago
Rose Essentielle (Eau de Parfum) - Bvlgari

Rose Essentielle (Eau de Parfum) Powder Rose
Starts as a powdery rose. The Rose fades and more powder moves in. When the powder becomes bored and moves on the rose finds its way out again. Lasted over 12 hours on me and I am STILL smelling the (powdery) rose!

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