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EberlinEberlin 13 hours ago
Royal Oud - Creed

Royal Oud Translated
Spicy Bombon
What a fragrance. For me The most balanced Creed. Light, spicy and a little sweet. Angelica and galbanum is a great combination. Unfortunately, really not a good sillage, but keeps close to the skin until the next morning.

MaksimeMaksime 14 hours ago
Pure Narcotic - Boadicea the Victorious

Pure Narcotic Translated
Attention!!! Addictive! Narcotically horny...
The fragrance plays and shimmers every minute. Freshness, spices, apricot sweetness... and again freshness. Very complex. It will not only bomb on men's skin, every woman will be thrilled! I am convinced that everyone...

ParfumqueenParfumqueen 15 hours ago
Sweet Delicious Pink Macaron - DKNY / Donna Karan

Sweet Delicious Pink Macaron Translated
Outside no, inside yes
The pink bottle looks very girly, childish, artificial, sweet. For me, therefore, little appealing. When I recently used him then but times, the fragrance has surprised me but positive. Has a certain sweetness, but does not bother me yet....

KekoKeko 16 hours ago
Back to Black Aphrodisiac (Perfume) - Kilian

Back to Black Aphrodisiac (Perfume) Translated
Scent TOP, durability FLOP
Back to Black is the best honey scent there is. The perfume suffers regrettably from massive performance problems and had to leave my collection because of it again. This could be a batch issue. My bottle of 2020 has absolutely disappointed...

MrEL1xMrEL1x 16 hours ago
XJ 1861 Naxos - XerJoff

XJ 1861 Naxos Translated
Honey bomb from Italy
So here it is, my second contribution to the Parfumo community. I have chosen the fragrance "Naxos" from the house "Xerjoff", because this fragrance is smelled over and over again by me. In advance I would like to note that I own the fragrance...

pudelbonzopudelbonzo 17 hours ago
bilou - bilou

bilou Translated
Candied fruit
I admit - I like sweet scents. Not every day, but sometimes they sweeten my day. So I sprayed unprejudiced bilou - already because the white plain bottle I liked. Well - simple is not the fragrance - but cautious. I see a basket of assorted...

3lbows3lbows 17 hours ago
Uomo Signature - Salvatore Ferragamo

Uomo Signature Translated
Sugar shock in hardrock cafe
The dimmed coffee note plus some synthetic leather struggle to compete with the basic sweetness from the Ur-Uomo. What remains is a poorly balanced, now rather generic gourmand, a wannabe rocker hiding away to eat his wimp dessert....

FlaconesseFlaconesse 18 hours ago
Candy Love - Escada

Candy Love Translated
Ava's Young Sister
The name suggests that this is a hybrid of similar-sounding fragrance of a pop singer, whose name may no longer be mentioned, which hums a melody when pressing the spray head (the flacon not the singer) and my ever-popular Prada fragrance. But...

MrLawmanMrLawman 18 hours ago
L'Homme - Prada

L'Homme Soap soap
To start right of the bat: this is a compliment magnet. It might not be an aromatic masterpiece but people of all kids of noses enjoy this a lot. I don't think this was designed to ''wow'' people with how "unique" the fragrance is. Instead it ''wows''...

MrLawmanMrLawman 18 hours ago
Spicebomb Extreme - Viktor & Rolf

Spicebomb Extreme Herod vs SBE?
To summarize this perfume: cherry pipe tobacco and vanilla, with a little incense. Shares some similarities to Herod by PDM. In my opinion Spicebomb Extreme smells more balanced than Herod, with the tobacco toned down a bit, resulting in a scent...

21 - 30 of 23042