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HafshinHafshin 2 days ago
Korrigan - Lubin

Korrigan kind and sophisticated
On my skin, It starts with a surprising leather accord which, is accompanied by some smokiness. You might think it has some rubbery facets too. Don't be alarmed and give it some time. After a few minutes, the leathery smokiness would go to the background....

RazvanykeRazvanyke 2 days ago
Aqua Palma - Montale

Aqua Palma Am I the only one to like it?
I will start saying that I like very much the Montale/Mancera concept : strong, complex fragrances at affordable prices. Aqua Palma is a freshie with peach note and also some understated citruses, it will not choke you from the first...

NuiWhakakoreNuiWhakakore 2 days ago
Nekro Dellamorte - The Fragrance Engineers

Nekro Dellamorte The party is over
Flashes of light in all colors. Hot bodies close together. The air is sticky and sweet. Rotting flowers and mold in the corners. It's damp in here, the walls, the ceilings, everything. Sweat condensing. If it were always like this here, stalactites...

Carlitos01Carlitos01 3 days ago
Jacomo de Jacomo (1980) (Eau de Toilette) - Jacomo

Jacomo de Jacomo (1980) (Eau de Toilette) Still Crazy After All These Years
Clove essential oil is credited with having a stimulating smell that is considered an aphrodisiac, as well as helping to manage anxiety energy and increase the ability to concentrate. If used correctly in a perfume, I believe it can do a whole...

MudlPlumBadMudlPlumBad 3 days ago
Be Delicious (Eau de Parfum) - DKNY / Donna Karan

Be Delicious (Eau de Parfum) Not Delicious
When I was small I had a deodorant with a green apple smell which I adored. A few years ago I was browsing the net and saw the perfume which looked like a green apple and I decided to read about it and to my delight) I was promised my childhood memory,...

MudlPlumBadMudlPlumBad 3 days ago
Muddled Plum - Molton Brown

Muddled Plum The only perfume I ever had where the smell disappears after one minute
I bought 100 ml bottle of Muddled Plum on MB website and I do regret it as per the price I paid I could have bought any smell I really liked which does have a power to stay on. This is just...

TheLoreleiTheLorelei 3 days ago
Encens et lavande - Serge Lutens

Encens et lavande Pure fields of herbs
This is what I have been searching for; an intense, herbal, pure dry lavender. I have been trying to get my hands on a sample of this for over a year, but until recently it did not seem to be available in the USA. This scent thankfully has no powdery...

NikThanNikThan 3 days ago
Arbiter for Men - Flormar

Arbiter for Men The tale of an English Aristocrat from an Italian point of view
Arbiter for Men was a blind buy. So, when i tried it i didn't have great expectations. In the beginning i felt a huge amount of lemon, sporadically the middle notes started to take control in a darker...

RazvanykeRazvanyke 4 days ago
Sorriso - Profumum Roma

Sorriso The unseen smile
I was relatively new to this brand before and after Patchouly I decided to give Sorriso a try too. Wow what was in the basket for me, this is a very understated scent with a vanilla to die for and top longevity to enjoy it as much as you want....

HeriscenticHeriscentic 4 days ago
Ultimate (Eau de Toilette) - Baldessarini

Ultimate (Eau de Toilette) The mature "Spicebomb"
Solid sturdy presentation (#2385). Sharp spicy opening, that quickly takes on a more balanced and moderate white Floral and slightly sweet Amber turn. The quick-arriving middle-scent more resemble an exotic spice/antique store with its aromas...

21 - 30 of 26112