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EdifierEdifier 5 days ago
Scandal pour Homme - Jean Paul Gaultier

Scandal pour Homme Children of the Night
Scandal must be what fragheads refer to as "screechy". The caramel sweetness combines with the aromatics to create a nose-tingling and head-splitting concoction. The bombastic opening is reminiscent of Paco Rabanne Phantom. I am not a fan of sickly...

WildGardenerWildGardener 5 days ago
Divine Folie - Jean Patou

Divine Folie Shiny Happy Patou
After the Wall Street Crash had started the Great Depression, perfumeries might have knuckled down with sombre creations or just gone quiet. Not so with Patou, they went bananas; with Joy – the ‘most expensive perfume in the world’, and then...

JavSantanaJavSantana 5 days ago
Cuir Vétiver - Yves Rocher

Cuir Vétiver Pleasant Sonia Constant cheapie masterpiece
I smelled this along Ambre Noir in a store here in downtown Zacatecas, Mexico. A nice leather / vetiver blend as the name suggests. Facets of heavily woody and almost leathery vetiver and the sandalwood which is said to act as leather,...

JavSantanaJavSantana 5 days ago
Ambre Noir - Yves Rocher

Ambre Noir Nice CH Privé alternative (Or even better)
Ambre Noir is made by the same perfumer of CH Men Privé, Christophe Raynaud, and if there is an original, it is this one, i assume that when Carolina Herrera ordered the creation of Men Privé, Monsieur Raynaud based...

TheLoreleiTheLorelei 5 days ago
Pure Grace Nude Rose - Philosophy

Pure Grace Nude Rose Airy floral
As much as I love a good fresh floral scent, the scents in this category (from a multitude of high end brands) frequently fall into the trap of smelling exactly like each other, so perfectly pleasant but without a point of view or discernible olfactory...

MrKaraMrKara 5 days ago
Kutay - Unique'e Luxury

Kutay Sweet Whisky
This is the most realistic whisky note I have ever smelled. Imagine opening a bottle of whisky and smelling it, that's how this fragrance opens. It opens bright because of the bergamot and lemon. After a couple minutes it transforms into a nice boozy,...

Oldish2002Oldish2002 5 days ago
Lempicka Green Lover - Lolita Lempicka

Lempicka Green Lover Tic Tac Toe
Are you enjoying Tic-Tac's ? Then you'll love Green Lover ! This is the first thing that came into my mind when I first sniffed this one. Just more amplified, obviously. The main players here are mint and vanilla for my nose. The final result after the dry down...

PedroCabralPedroCabral 5 days ago
Scent#1 - Zara

Scent#1 Wood of lovers
Spicy, strong, woody top, has a sweeter side like beeswax. All this experience with a sour base that reinforces the spicy side. All notes bring a warmer vibe to the perfume, the sweetness of the bottom fades quickly. With its evolution in a powdery...

Landshark321Landshark321 5 days ago
Siesta Drive - Navitus Parfums

Siesta Drive Sweet, fresh, agreeable
Siesta Drive is one of the newest 3 releases from Navitus Parfums x Big Beard Business. It’s delightfully sweet and fresh from the onset, a sort of citrus-meets-vanilla with some hints of spices (ginger, pepper, vetiver) and a curious...

ScentSlaveScentSlave 5 days ago
L'Homme L'Intense - Yves Saint Laurent

L'Homme L'Intense This one is somewhat underrated
I scored 100ml of this for $60 on Macy’s online… an absolute STEAL! This one is more appealing to the people who like the somewhat sweet feeling “well dressed” feeling scents. One for a nice dinner with that special someone,...

31 - 40 of 26050