Please reserve your reviews for perfumes you have actually tested and know well. Be sure to include your personal impressions of the fragrance. In addition, information about the perfume's durability, sillage, target group, etc. is always helpful and interesting to readers.

The following items have no place in a review:

• Questions or irrelevant commentary. There's a forum for that
• Texts that you have not written yourself
• pornographic, violence-glorifying, offensive or inciting remarks
• manufacturer's texts, descriptions of the fragrance taken from other websites
• References to other websites
• Advertising, bargain offers, sources of supply, prices
• Discrimination and defamation of other users and social groups
• Defamation / business or reputation-damaging statements

Moderators may remove irrelevant comments that have nothing to do with the actual perfume.


With a statement, you can express short and concise opinions about a perfume. You may also express your views on a perfume that has not yet been released. However, make sure that you make a statement with substantive, relevant content. Completely irrelevant content will be removed by the moderator.


It doesn't matter whether you want to analyse a perfume objectively by the notes or instead express your personal thoughts about the fragrance. It's the different styles of writing that make Parfumo interesting, after all.
However, please try to strike a good balance between prosaic description and more poetic writing. In so doing, you'll ensure that your reviews are appreciated by the community.


Your reviews must be written in English. To be avoided:

• Multiple punctuation marks!!!!!
• Unnecessary blank lines and paragraphs, especially double and multiple blank lines
• Excessive use of smileys


It should go without saying that we all love perfume here at Parfumo. It's perfectly okay if you don't like a particular fragrance and this is expressed in your review. However, it is inappropriate to make this clear in an extremely perjorative way. Avoid foul language and make an effort to express your dislike in a manner which won't offend people who appreciate the fragrance and the perfumers who created it.

Replies to Reviews

Always refer your replies to the actual review you are addressing. Please don't use replies to chat about unrelated topics. This is what private messages are for.