All submissions will be reviewed prior to inclusion in the photo gallery for compliance with the guidelines listed below. Due to time constraints, we cannot provide explanations as to why a specific photo was rejected.

Photo rules

The flacon and packaging should stand in the foreground and occupy a position of prominence in relationship to other objects included in the shot. Please strive for a balance between creativity and conveying an accurate representation of the perfume bottle.

The photo should not be blurred. Clarity should be sufficient to read the typescript on the flacon and packaging.

The composition should not be over or underexposed. Artistic lighting is appreciated, but the flacon and packaging should be clearly visible.

Please be advised that colour photography is preferred, as it a gives the viewer the most accurate representation of the flacon and packaging. Black and white photos will be accepted on a discretionary basis only.

Custom photo borders look well in isolation but create unnecessary clutter in a gallery setting. Therefore, they should be avoided.

The point of a perfume photo is to showcase the flacon. Therefore, please make sure that any objects included in the composition bear some relationship to the fragrance, whether it be the name, the notes or the mood.

The fragrance identified in the caption should be the focal point, so no other perfumes should appear in the foreground of the picture. However, including different perfumes is acceptable if they are situated in the background.

Photos of multiple flacons of the same perfume are permissible.

Each Parfumo member may submit a maximum of five separate photographs for a given perfume.

Due to the increasing number of photos submitted daily, multiple photographs of the same perfume should not be uploaded at the same time. Please select the best picture of the series for consideration.

In order to respect trademark protections, no other products should be visible in the picture (e.g., a bar of Hershey's chocolate).

Photos which include pets will be declined. Although your particular pet may not find posing for a photo to be stressful, some animals do, which is why we feel the need to discourage this practice.

In order to comply with a warning issued to Parfumo by one of the more popular search engines, photographs containing nudity are prohibited.

Any photo submitted must be your own work product.

As a general rule, the content of photo collages should be restricted to material created by you. Compositions which incorporate art and/or photography that is not your work product may pose copyright infringement issues. Exceptions include famous works of art that are considered to be in the public domain.