All trading is at your own risk, responsibility and for private use only. Commercial trade is strictly prohibited. Parfumo reserve the right to remove individual offers that violate our rules.

To offer in the Souk you have to be a member for some time and actively participate in our community. If both criteria are met, the Souk will be automatically activated. Questions about the activation of the Souk can unfortunately not be answered.

It is forbidden to place offers in the Souk section for requests. This can lead to permanent suspension of your Souk and your account.

Offers may not be advertised in other sections of the website.

Offers of flacons and perfume decants must contain a definitive price and an exact indication of the volume of fragrance being offered, in milliliters or ounces.


A split is an agreement to distribute a portion of the contents of a bottle of perfume in order to assist the buyer in defraying the cost. Pricing should be determined among the split participants prior to the purchase being made.