0701200007012000's Perfume Reviews

3 Awards
"Drole de rose" was my third choice for perfume because of it's powdery notes-it isn't a "powder bomb" like "teint de neige"-it is greener and a lot lighter.
So when you first spray you smell immediately the rose but after a short time appears a light sweet powder thanks to white honey, the star anise, the violets and of course the almonds.
And in the end appears the leather which makes the perfume so unique!!
I could say with three words that it is a sweet powdery leathery perfume, that everyone could be addicted to it!!

3 Awards
I just tried to find this perfume because of it's name..From the first moment I sprayed it (thanks to a very good friend of mine -it is unfortunately discontinued) I discovered that surely is a celebration day (translation from french " jour de fete")
It is such a happy, elegant, airy, light perfume, suitable for all ages and seasons!
From the beginning till the end you can smell nothing but almonds, sweet powdery almonds!A delicious perfume!!

2 Awards
Although "vaniglia"was a blind buy, when I first sprayed I felt so lucky to have it because between all the other vanilla perfumes I own it smells Delicious Pure Vanilla!
Despite the three notes of this perfume (vanilla,caramel and orchid) ,that are so well melted, from the beginning till the end, you can smell a buttery-sugary-caramelly perfume but also quite powdery!
An excellent choice for vanilla-lovers and so perfect for summer or winter!

4 Awards
This perfume was my second love after 'l'instant magic'.And I think it is a'must' for all those who love powdery/sweet-powdery perfumes.At the beginning what you smell only is powder/baby talc but not in a cheap way.Very soon appear the rose, the heliotrope, the musk, the sugar.. and the perfume becomes sweet and delicious.It is extremely longlasting.I can't say it is a sensual fragrance but it is a very elegant,feminine, very white aldehydic soapy musky perfume.The perfect skin scent for a woman to get married!!

5 Awards
For me 'l'instant magic' was a blind buy.I was attracted to the pink colour of perfume.It seemed to me girly but when I smelled it things totally changed.Although it's not a niche perfume I think it can be compared to a niche perfume.At first all you can smell is white flowers with lemon but after a little while it turns to a powder heaven-not a baby powder /talc powder perfume, but a baby soft perfume with an etheral vanilla, an almond or better bitter almond clean/musky perfume, that lasts for hours without being heavy.It is just like you are in the middle of a sweet-powdery cloud so light that everyone will notice.