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11Mic22hael11Mic22hael 2 months ago
Eucris (Eau de Toilette) - Geo. F. Trumper

Eucris (Eau de Toilette) Magical Spells and Incantations
A 108 year old Witch-bottle of magical spells. A cool, breezy and grey overcast autumn day in a long abandoned medieval village that has been swallowed up by the mossy woods. Ancient memories. Eucris is an amazing fragrance that smells...

11Mic22hael11Mic22hael 4 months ago
Montana Parfum d'Homme (Eau de Toilette) - Montana

Montana Parfum d'Homme (Eau de Toilette) Why Discontinue A Legend???
I just do not understand why these fragrances houses discontinue great masterpieces like this. Are they stupid? Are they just NUTS? I don't get it. Is it because they aren't selling as well as the newer style stink abominations that they...


MiaTrostMiaTrost 3 years ago
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