AJGAJG's Perfume Reviews

The name itself indicates the ideal time and season(s) for wearing: when the sun is silver.
Cooler days during spring and autumn, or any day where temps range from 10 - 20C.
Or whenever you fancy really, although wearing Silver Sun when it's warmer than 20C might make you smell like a bottle depot.

The scent itself is crisp and fruity. The pear is very prominent, really juicy and nearly palpable but not in the "eww I got perfume in my mouth!" sort of way.
The flowery heart pares the sharpest edges of the opening, and the amber, cedar, and musk base (a really great trio in any composition) adds warmth and depth.
Projection and longevity are on the generous side of moderate, so extra sprays won't be necessary if you're indoors, but wouldn't hurt if you're outside.

The flacon could have been nicer if the silver paint was on the back of the bottle only, as was done with Black Sun, or left plain glass with the famous Dali sun as the aesthetic focus. Coating the inside of the bottle with silver paint and leaving a clear polished glass exterior would likely have been a perfect visual interpretation of the name.
The atomizer is good quality and produces a perfect sized cloud for any application style.

If you're tired of the same old uninspired, over-priced, over-hyped, far-too-common garbage being mass produced like Slurm for the sheeple of the world, then I suggest you don't dally and go get some Dali.

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I had to try Alien Man three times before I decided I wanted to have it in my collection.
Three tests determined that I would continue a relationship with this smoky, slightly dark and moderately spicy stranger.
Disregarding the negative criticism of others was quite helpful too, once I realized most if not all of the criticism came from a place of personal expectations.
Unlike so many of the haters, I had no expectations of what Alien Man would or should be, so I was not at all disappointed. Rather I was more excited that men were finally getting another Mugler!
And here he is, this Alien man.
He is quietly unusual and didn't make a definite impression on the first meeting. The second time we met he opened up a little more, but there was still some trepidation and hesitation. The third time, he let his guard down and his (subdued) freak flag flew!
Is it coincidence there was a magnificent thunder storm that night?
I will reach for him when it's gloomy and cool, and any evening or night time occasion where the same old thing just won't do.
He is most welcome in my life.

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The pusher at Nordstrom in Vancouver wanted to spray me with this to promote the new version, but I was already wearing my new best friend for the summer, Guerlain's L'Homme Ideal cologne.
Today I used the sample of Blu Med Ciprosso I was given.
What follows are my thoughts after the scent settled on my fresh-out-the-tub skin, which faded completely after two hours. I used the whole vial.

Hi Everybody!
I used to be a major player, arguably a classic. But I became outdated and unpopular, which caused me to fall out of fashion and be relegated to the discount shelf (aka the Corral of Shame).
My name is Sung Homme.

So I went out, got a new name, a few tweaks on the inside, a major overhaul on the outside, and a HUGE price jump, which despite the fact that I'm pretty much the same scent from the tall flacon full of purple juice with the untrendy name, has suddenly made me chic and popular again!

Please allow me to RE-introduce myself.
I am Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Cipresso di Toscana and it is my great pleasure to take your money - I mean rather, it is my pleasure to make your acquaintance ;-)

Have a lovely day!

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Firmly on a classic theme, Beyond Forever wears a modern outfit.

A slightly spicy vetiver takes and stays centre stage, flowers in the wings.

I like to wear this charming edt when I want to smell like I just came out of the barbershop but I have a couple days of scruff, wearing street clothes on leisure time.

I have the shower gel also, and together they perform fairly well for a few hours. A good choice for a lunch date, errands, or an afternoon in the park.

The flacon fits well in my hand, good pump, and spray coverage is ideal.
Every spray raises my appreciation, I really enjoy this one.

Have a lovely day!