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Abitvintage 10 years ago 5
Musty amber & resins lacking personality.
This was on my to try list for a very long time based on the positive reviews, and the fact that I love orientals, so I was really disappointed and quite surprised by what I experienced. I found it to be a flat amber/resin/musty scent, lacking personality. Oh well, this just doesn't work for me. I think I must be one of the very, very few that didn't fall in love with it.
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Abitvintage 10 years ago 3
Delectable, velvety softness.
Dainty, delicate and delicious. I enjoy this soft delectable somewhat reminiscent scent. I think it would be perfect for a new mother. The notes meet my nose and taste buds with velvety softness. Nice balance of fruit-flower. Fades away too quickly though.
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Abitvintage 10 years ago 2
Delicious plum, orchid and vanilla. Body lotion is da bomb!
The first top notes of plum & orchid are very pleasant,and the dry down of vanilla, amber and musk settle nicely on me. I love the lingering musk & plum. The notes are rounded out very well. I particularly love to use the sensually scented body lotion, it's perfect for late in the evening, right before bed. I have to say that the spray is fleeting, so buying the matching body lotion is very important. For the price it's a great deal, and a delicious scent.
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Abitvintage 10 years ago 4
Vintage version - totally unique and just lovely when used sparingly.
When I was a girl, I remember smelling White Shoulders on the women who wore it, and I always wanted to someday be able wear it as well as they did. Now that I'm around the same age as those women were, I have sampled the current White Shoulders in the store and was so sorely disappointed, because what I smell from the bottles of today is NOT the same. To me the reformulation smells, well, funky..... a bit like cat wee-wee. I was so sure that this offending scent was not what I remembered from the 70's. So lucky, me I found a vintage bottle. Oh, glorious White Shoulders, THAT is what I remember!!! It is a creamy beautiful fragrance. The individual notes really don't stand out for me. It's blended so well. I do smell the white florals and peach, but there is something very special about the original version that I just can't explain. It's beautiful, elegant, sweet & creamy, so lady-like.
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Abitvintage 10 years ago 1
Fresh and uplifting, white floral.
Haiku is a very fresh scent. It is uplifting, and perfect for reviving the spirit on a gloomy day. A very white floral, not too musky. I prefer to use just the body lotion (the strength is just perfect). When I do apply this fragrance, I spray the air around me, instead of spraying directly onto my skin, which can be a bit too potent for me. Perfect everyday fragrance.
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