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Good one
After many years of cologne abstinence I am just now starting to build a new collection. I wanted to start with several popular colognes including Dior's Sauvage. Well... sticker shock! The prices were much higher in general than I remembered from years ago, which meant that I would need to scale back or find some good alternatives. So; I decided to start small and cheap by trying a few well made products that were reviewed as being similar to the premium products. I found Gentle Elsatys EDP on a popular web site for a ridiculously low price, so I said I'll give it a try. When it came in the mail I went to my local department store and sprayed a test strip with Sauvage and took it home to compare . Initially the Elsatys seemed a little more peppery or sharper than the Sauvage, but they were in effect quite close, I left the samples out for a day and checked them again. Over time the two became almost indistinguishable, in fact because I hadn't marked the test strips, I really couldn't tell which was which. They both seemed to last about the same amount of time on paper. A Youtube review that I saw says Elsatys is actually closer to Prada Luna Rossa Carbon than Sauvage, but I haven't tested that one yet. For the price this product seems to be well made, well packaged and a good buy.
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