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AchillesAchilles 7 years ago
Enigma pour Homme / Creation-E pour Homme (Parfum) - Roja Parfums

Enigma pour Homme / Creation-E pour Homme (Parfum) Creation-E or the perfect fragrance
Currently I found out, this fragrance is named "Creation-E" (different to Europe) in the United States. Nevertheless, doesn´t matter if Enigma pour Homme or Creation-E, this is the most brilliant and perfect fragrance,...


LavioLavio 3 years ago
It’s Was a pleasure to deal with you. And many thanks Also for good suggestion! hello from Italy!
NoxaNoxa 5 years ago
I'm so happy with my swap with Annette, brilliant communication and so many amazing samples! Thank you so so much!
SleuthSleuth 7 years ago
I received the bottle today and everything looks good. Thanks for the swap!