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Achilles 6 years ago 1

Creation-E or the perfect fragrance
Currently I found out, this fragrance is named "Creation-E" (different to Europe) in the United States.
Nevertheless, doesn´t matter if Enigma pour Homme or Creation-E, this is the most brilliant and perfect fragrance, I ever had. Its outbalanced, smooth body derives from rich and luxurious ingredients. Though in my German review I included a riddle for the audience, here I will keep it short and simple: The overwhelming, sweet and oriental touch of the whole experience is due to the fine cognac and vanilla notes, which can be smelled from the beginning to the very end. It is like to open Cognac and Tom Fords Tobacco Vanille and smell both simultaneously. Ok, a little bit more is included in this one.
The first impression by spraying it to the skin offer crisp and dazzling citrus notes and a bit like an open bottle of fresh and icy-cold cherry coke or cream soda, though not too sweet it would stick on you. This could be the mix of Bergamot, Neroli and Heliotrope. Together with Jasmine the impression turns into something creamy, like almonds. Hard to describe the balance between fresh and creamy notes on the top, but which lead the path to the golden heart.
The heart reveals quickly and offers the appetizer, spiced vanilla cream with cardamom and ginger, before the basenote invites to enjoy a cigar with sweet, greasy tobacco and first-class cognac in a gentlemen´s room.
Overall, this fragrance lasts for more than 12 hours by a very small amount of it applied to the skin. The Sillage is a beast and you´ll get tons of compliments for it.
Due to the horrifying price, this is the slightest Roja Dove should offer to his clients with this creation. By the way, this is the only Roja Dove Perfume I´d buy again. Unfortunately I don´t know, how the extrait is like, this review is about the Eau de Parfum.