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Adelina 7 years ago 5
Simply perfect!
Pentachord White is like a story, whispered in soft voice to a woman's ear. A woman with golden honey hair, a woman who wears pearls and silk dresses. A woman who pours a bit of milk in her green tea, who preffers her hot chocolate to be white, creamy and with a vanilla scent, and she never drinks it hot. She just wait for it to form a thin film meant to hide the smoldering heat from inside the cup. That's how this perfume is: emotion, voice tremble and sweet taste on the lips.
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Adelina 7 years ago 8
OH, L'Heure Bleue! Scattered dreams that reach the sky... How could I describe the "blue miracle"? How could I evoke its beauty? L'Heure bleue was not mine, but I was truly his. He made me kneel through its beauty, embraced my soul, kissed it and gave it back to me stigmatized with his memory. Oh, how I love this perfume!

The perfume seems rather melancholic, but it is such a sweet melacholy! I got lost in its bittersweet depht.

I feel like I do not even know how to describe such perfect blended, refined notes. Iris, heliotrope, carnation and tuberose live in symbiosis, they would die one without the other and all that would remain behind would be a trail of smoke...

Resins and vanilla join and make the fragrance's composition more rounder, also adding more mistery. Towards the end I feel pretty good sandalwood among other notes that I can individualize. The composition is too homogenic, the notes blend gently, telling different stories. Rose feels very vague ... it's more of a shadow, a memory.

I would wear L'Heure Bleue on my wedding day. It's melancholic, but it's for brides who, just for a moment, close their eyes and let it leak a tear for the sake of things left behind by the time that has elapsed.
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Adelina 7 years ago 4 1
Out of this world!
"Carillon pour un ange"...what a beautiful name for such an amazing fragrance! It's aroma is so green, pure, that it feels like you are listening to an angel with golden hair lightly touching the carillon's little bells. The song he plays accompanies bird songs, who chirp cheerfuly.

It cannot sing in another place but the Garden of Eden, where lily of the valleys grow unhindered through the fresh grass and the blooming lilac and expand their fragile arms towards the diligent bees. On the trees moss, small raindrops rest before the sun rays take them as a tribute.

The roses are yellow, so yellow that for a moment amazemnet can be read in you eyes, as you do not know whether the Sun broke pieces from its body and throwed them in the Garden.

I think that for the creation of this perfume, flowers gave up their sap and blended it toghether in order to create such a wonderful scent.

"Carillon pour un ange" smells like life, like Earth loved by the Sun and people loved by God.
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Adelina 7 years ago 3
I was extremely eager to try La Dame aux Camelias. First, because the homonym book is one of my favourites and second because I really liked the concept that stays at the bottom of this house's creations.

But then, how could I describe the mixed up feelings that La Dame aux Camelias awakened in me? Oh, I know! I must ask you if you ever been in love? Well, not just a transient love, but the one that makes your heart beat so fast, that for a moment the world around you dissipates in thousands and thousands of colors, and your heart runs towards them and back again inside you to beat even faster. Have you ever been so in love that you have lost yourself in the arms of your loved one, absorbing his perfume by every pore, sharing in those moments, just the two of you, all the secrets of the Universe? And the way you feel when your loved one is drawing sketches of his thoughts on your forehead and you gave them life so they can fly away...

That's how La Dame aux Camelias is. Like an intimate moment shared by you two. It is a sensual perfume, erotic, in wich the musk note is the queen, dominating with dignity the flowers which stay open, almost indecent, challenging you to embrace them, absorbe their perfume, feel their soft petals. The verbena note gives a fresh, sour touch to the composition, perhaps for reminding you of the tiny bit of lucidity and rationality contained in the game of love, but shortly the bouquet consiting of iris, orange flowers and roses surrounds the composition like a heavy velvet drape and La Dame aux Camelias is now dense, powdery and slightly dry. The perfume remains the same from now, until the end, adorning my skin with memories.
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Adelina 7 years ago 2
Elegant and timeless
She opens the door and steps on to the thick, soft rug. Her skin is warmed up by the lazy sun and her hair selfishly took a drop from the scarlet glow of the sunset sky. Outside, the rays of light tell their story, through the half-closed magnolias.

Slowly, she takes off her cameo earrings and place them on to the commode. Her tenuous shirt finds it's place in the wardrobe. While she takes off her clothes, she also takes off her "powerful woman" mask that she used to display in front of the world. Finally, it remains just her perfume, hidden in the hollow of her white neck and on her delicate wrists. She catches sight of a glimpse of her face reverberated in the window, the same from wich you can see the roses from the garden. Now it's just HER, the gentle, loving woman. The one that knows how to be a mother and also a lady, the one who knows how to give strenght to the ones she loves. She is the women with gentle moves and smooth forehead, released from the map of everyday worries.

Her delicate body is crossed by a chill while her thoughts fly to the one she waits for. She anticipates his warm embrace, whispered voice and his ambery eyes piercing her soul while she will answer him back wit a warm, velvet smile.

Puredistance I represents emotion, love wrapped up in tenderness. The perfume is as light as a flutter of eyelashes, smooth and creamy, without any trace of roughness. You wear it for yourself, and maybe for the one you love, otherwise, the whole world can wait...because this moment must be enjoyed right NOW.
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