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Adrienn99Adrienn99 3 years ago
The Solid Earth (Eau de Parfum) - Walden Perfumes

The Solid Earth (Eau de Parfum) rosewood!
the initial burst is not particularly great but it turns into a really nice moist glossy rosewood after 30 mins. very unexpected turn for me, but for the better!

Adrienn99Adrienn99 3 years ago
Two Eternities (Eau de Parfum) - Walden Perfumes

Two Eternities (Eau de Parfum) soapy floral
not usually a big fan of the genre but this smells really good somehow. it smells like an expensive cream with floral nuances, if I had to pick something that gave a similar vibe, it would probably be Amouage Honor. Not saying those are similar, it is the vibe.


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