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AggelikiAggeliki 8 years ago


Omaaaaaaaaa...... Wir k...
Omaaaaaaaaa...... Wir k...


TIA1971TIA1971 5 years ago
Hallo meine Liebe!
Da Du ja nie benachrichtigt wirst auf der deutschen Seite, lasse hier ich mal ein paar liebe Grüße aus "good old Germany". Ich hoffe es geht Dir, Deiner Familie und den Kätzchen gut, habt ein schönes Wochenende, wir haben ja am 03.10. Tag der Deutschen Einheit und somit ein laaanges Wochenende!
Alles Liebe, Tanja
0701200007012000 5 years ago
Thanks to "bouquet de parfum" -Guerlain, I had the luck to meet you!
I thank you not only for the perfect scents you taught me but for being such a polite, gentle, warm person!Thank you so much Aggeliki! I wish to God the best for you and for your wonderful family !!
With all my love Anastasia
NikolinaNikolina 6 years ago
Happy New Year!!!!!
All the best. I wish you are always healthy and happy and many many perfumes....because perfumes make us a bit happy:-)
I am very very happy that I met you....
Kisses to you and your family!!!!
Love you a lot!!!!
CrypticCryptic 7 years ago
Dear Aggeliki -- thank you for the sweet comment on my photo. I sort of cheated with the colors by saturating them when I was editing the photo with Microsoft Photo Gallery. ;) Glad you liked it.
NikolinaNikolina 7 years ago
Xronia polla kala xristougenna!!!
NikolinaNikolina 7 years ago
Perfect pictures, excellent photographer!!!

This is Greece...beautiful places with beatiful people!

SoleiSolei 7 years ago
Thank you for great swap with you :-)
NikolinaNikolina 7 years ago
Thanks Aggeliki a lot, for the Miss Dior Originale, all the samples she send me, and the perfect parcel she send me!

Thanks a lot!!!!
TarTar 8 years ago
You have sooo beautiful pictures about clouds! Please share with us, if you have got more :-)

Best regards
NikolinaNikolina 8 years ago
thank u very much for the welcome message!